Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Morning Coffee Reads (July 11, 2013) Eat All You Can at Tajimaya Charcoal Grill

Magandang umaga!

I missed writing yesterday’s MCR but I’m compensating by filling today’s MCR with a lot of food. Make sure you’re eating as you’re reading this! I get so many “complaints” how my viewers/readers get hungry when they watch my vlogs/posts including food! Hehehe!

Going straight to the point, I craved for grilled food yesterday. I missed YUGO from Cebu! So while waiting for the Toyota event to start, I asked Mark to find this grill restaurant by the seaside area in the Mall of Asia! I couldn’t remember the name of the restaurant so we kept on walking and walking…

I stopped when I found it! I knew I could find it! It’s called Tajimaya! Wooot woooot! Eat All You can for PHP599.00/head!


Here we are, looking all happy before eating! The grill is ready! I wore my hair up in a bun na naman.


Condiments by the side of the table, and the tongs for cooking the meat!


Kimchi and bean sprouts! Noe told me how she loves kimchi! I never liked it, but this particular night, I fell in love with it! It helps when eating a lot of meat *in my opinion!


Veggies with dressing. Mark finished this! He only had 1 cup of rice!!!


Oh yes, the grill—very hot and ready to grill up some meat!


Pork slices


Squid rolls—my FAVORITE! (pina-sosyal na squid ball sa kalye)


Sausage slices








More veggies & sauces!




Mark enjoying the food!


Honestly, one of the BEST meals I’ve had in my life.

We only took round 1! Round 2 was impossible because we had an event to catch right after. And we were SOOOO full we couldn’t walk that fast!

I love eating. Especially with Mark. Food is one of the best things in the world!

The Toyota event was great too!!! I was able to see my potential car in the near future!!! Crossing my fingers. Everything will happen in God’s perfect time!

Plans for today…I need to go back to the studio to film. Very busy weekend for me! How about you, dear readers?


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  2. Everything is so yummy... I want to try it, i bet my husband want to try it also... I think its much pricey compare to the one you tried at cebu...

  3. Korean bbq has really become a hit here in the Philippines.. I suggest you try Donday in qc eat all you can sya 199 pag yung nasa buffet lang 299 if you opt for samgyupsal! they have one in teachers village and another one in Timog suuuppppperrr sarap dun! :D

  4. Ms. Say, don't worry about people commenting about your weight! basta kain lang talaga! ganyan talaga yan if comfortable na inside a relationship. At least, your boyfriend doesn't mind you gaining weight. maganda ka naman and Im sure, mababawi mo yan sooner!

  5. woooooww! you've got license to grill! hehe sweet!

  6. You look great together Miss Say! You and your Mark! :)

  7. Hello Miss Say, kalook a like mo po si Julia Montes! Sana makapunta rin ako dyan sa Tajimaya Charcoal Grill at matikman ko ang kanilang recipes kagaya ng paborito kung restaurant in Brooklyn na lage kong binabalik balik :)