Tuesday, 9 July 2013

First Time Trying Sashimi

Sashimi (Japanese: 刺身, pronounced) is a Japanese delicacy consisting of very fresh raw meat or fish sliced into thin pieces.


I tried eating sashimi for the very first time during my trip to Cebu last July 8! Annie and Noe talked me into trying it out when we were at Yugo! I told them I’m not used to eating raw stuff! But I gave in just for the sake of trying it out! I’ve got nothing to lose—just the curiosity of what sashimi tasted like!

For the fun of it, I took screen caps from my vlog!

Snapshot 1 (7-10-2013 1-02 AM)

Annie told me to dip the sashimi into the sauce before devouring it…so I did!

Snapshot 2 (7-10-2013 1-03 AM)

Here goes nothing!!!

Snapshot 3 (7-10-2013 1-03 AM)

Ohhhh… (chew chew)

Snapshot 4 (7-10-2013 1-03 AM)

(Chew chew) good think I didn’t taste anything yucky

Snapshot 5 (7-10-2013 1-03 AM)

More chewing… Nothing malansa, whatsoever. Silky texture according to Noe

Snapshot 7 (7-10-2013 1-04 AM)

It’s not that bad!

Snapshot 6 (7-10-2013 1-03 AM)

But I wouldn’t try it again.

I’m not being maarte, ha! I’m just not really used to eating raw food!!!

How about you??? How do you feel about sashimi?


  1. Oooh! I love sashimi, especially salmon!

  2. I do not hate it but I won't eat it again, haha pareho tayo ng opinion. :P

  3. Hey, Thanks for vlogging all the way to Cebu! I am from Cebu so yay!

    I usually blog about living frugally BUT, I've always take a break from my frugal life and watch your vlogs! It's like a dose to satisfy my consumer-related cravings:)

    I enjoy watching you. I have been watching you since you first went to Cebu to visit you know who :)

  4. ilove sashimi !!!!!! its healthy ! its good for your body miss say para lalo ka maging fit .

  5. Omg I so love sashimi Ms. Say! Especially smoked salmons! :)

  6. salmon sashimi is my favorite! =) (as long as it is fresh) No one wants to eat old raw fish! =/