Thursday, 4 July 2013

Morning Coffee Reads (July 5, 2013) “Barquiron”

Magandang umaga!!!

Thanks to 2 cups of the Mr. Brown iced coffee from Ministop I wasn’t able to sleep till 2AM. I was also waiting for my videos to be uploaded but SmartBro’s WiMAX didn’t let that happen!

I woke up early today (at around 8:30) because I glanced at my PC and it’s dead. It shuts down automatically what the heckkkk! Good thing Youtube resumes upload (continues where it stops) and I already changed the settings of my desktop to avoid the automatic shutting down.

BARQUIRON! Ever heard of this baby? A friend of my dad brought a pack back from Bacolod and oooh my goodness I love it. I ate about 8 last night. LOL anybody here from Bacolod? Send me some please! I’m willing to pay! Haha although I think I can find this at local supermarkets, yes? Let me know my darlings.

Music playing as I type is “It’s Sad to Belong” you know how the song goes right? It’s not that I can relate ha, I’m in a perfectly happy relationship with my Mark, I just like the melody of the song!!!

Speaking of Mark, baby if you’re reading this, I want you to know that I love you very much. You are everything I could ever ask for. I perfectly know the reason why I met you—it was merely meant to be. Smile

Pardon me for the cheesiness ladies and gents! I get mushy once in a while. Hehehehe.

What are your favorite old songs? I like the song “How Can I Tell Her About You” hahaha funny how I like songs including third parties! Hahahahah! No, really, I just used to hear this from Papa’s loud stereo every morning before. That was till the stereo moved out coz it was too loud na.

I had barquiron and coffee for breakfast. And a can of sausages. Yes I know I’m not too much of a health buff nowadays. I just need to reschedule things. I can lose weight if I wanted to. Wait lang muna for now. Haha! As long as I don’t balloon up to a huge blimp it’s alright. Wait til I hit the gym!!! Or go back to my home workouts! Basta wait lang muna. Hahaha!

Oh yeah I watched this CRAZY SHOW today. “Monstresses: Kate Belflower” have you guys watched that?! Katie is such a psycho. She needs serious help. As much as I want to relate the story, I don’t want to. Too much negativity for my MCR haha. Let’s just say, love gives you the craziest ideas.

You may have seen me tweet/IG a photo of the newest Vios 2013! Isn’t it such a beaut?! I’m gonna see it personally soon! I’ll definitely vlog, so you won’t miss out!!!

Plans for today…

I was supposed to film with Trina and Teena but I had to cancel because I need to run a couple of errands today! I need to give our 8 dogs baths, vacuum the room, tidy up my space and get everything in order!!!

Has anybody tried the POWER MOP? The one with the spinner? I really want to get it but I don’t know if it’s worth it! I need to buy a new filter for the vacuum because HARRY BARRY (one of our dogs) chewed a hole in the old one.

Tell me about your morning!!!! I love reading your comments, dear readers.

By the way, I have a meet & greet on July 12! I hope to meet you!!!


P.S. I wanna eat at Vikings/Buffet 101 SO BAD. To curb this craving, I’m gonna visit the dentist instead.


  1. Hi Ms. Say! We had a power mop sa hospital where I work and it lasted for about 6 months bago nasira. Maybe because it was over used kasi araw araw gnagamit but it was very useful. You should try it Ms. Say! Less than 800 lang naman ata and it can last for maybe a year or 2 depende sa paggamit..

  2. i use that in our house one year na yung mop na my spinner na prang my balde hehehe di pa nakakapagud unlike dati pigapiga pa =(

  3. We have a power mop and it's very handy. Way better than traditional mops or rags because you can easily squeeze out excess water. We bought ours from Puregold in December, and it's still intact. There are different brands and different sizes, so you have a lot to choose from.

  4. During the morning hours i love to read coffee while reading the news paper what about you what do you do?

    Finn Felton

    Kopi Luwak