Friday, 5 July 2013

Morning Coffee Reads (July 6, 2013) HATERS

Magandang hapon! I’m a little late posting up today’s MCR!

I think I woke up at around 9 or 10. What do you do when you first wake up in the morning? Here are the things I did:

  1. Blink a few times and contemplate if I should wake up or go back to sleep
  2. Check if my PC is still on (checked with my sister and she told me my new vid finished uploading last night *thank goodness)
  3. Checked my phone for messages
  4. Checked Instagram for comments
  5. Checked my email
  6. Hugged my doggies
  7. Got up from the bed
  8. Had brunch! Mama cooked paksiw na bangus and tinola last night. SUPER YUMMY! Nothing beats my momma’s cooking! I know nothing beats your momma’s cooking as well.

My hormones were acting up last night. Which is why I was more than happy to answer back to my “haters” comments. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen it already. Here’s basically what happened:

I posted a photo of the pasta I ordered from the French Baker. If you know me, I love The French Baker. I was so disappointed when 1. I found hair in my food (that was way before and I didn’t bother to post about it just to give them pardon) and 2. when they served me STALE garlic bread (this happened yesterday)

I totally complained and ask why they served me such. By STALE I mean really old and hard bread which they obviously smothered in garlic sauce or whatever just to make it look “fresh” but noooo…it was obvious that it was old. When I asked the waitress, here’s how she answered me:

“Kasi po ma’am, sa umaga po, ung mga hindi po nabenta kahapon, yun po iniinit namin.” (basically, she told me that they reheat the unsold garlic bread from yesterday)

I was like. WHAT THE F? She had the guts to tell me this. The bread looks like 3 days old.

I know some of you like crunchy garlic bread, but this was HARD garlic bread.

Back to the Instagram post, some people started commenting, “Then you shouldn’t have posted it!/You should’ve complained to the manager, not here!”


I am on my PMS week and I just had the urge to answer back. Nakakaloka. I hate it when people tell me what I should and should not post! Unbelievable, I tell you.

Then another anonymous commented goes on and called me pokpok (uhhh…excuse me). He/she obviously has NO BREEDING AT ALL. She used words that I can’t even understand. The type that you only hear from the streets! She also claims to be one of Mark’s ex daw (uhh…excuse me times 10)

Before she could post more, I BLOCKED the account. And the the hater hopped on to my sister’s account and started saying more kalye words. My goodness. Edi na-block nanaman siya.

Blocking is fun. It cuts negative people’s power. I never let this type of people win. Blocking them is the best way, in my opinion.


Pwede ba? If you think you can make me cry/make me stop vlogging/pull me down by doing that, you’re terribly wrong.

I am my own brand, I am my own person. Dyan lang naman kayo magaling, mag-compare. I don’t give a tiny rat’s ass.

I have more than enough in my career, my life, relationships and I am 100% sure this is the reason why they find the littlest things to talk about.

I know you guys would be telling me “hayaan na, let them be.” I know, I know. Sometimes it’s just fun to give my opinion for a change. If they have their opinions, I also have my own.


Anyway, I gave my 8 dogs a bath yesterday! I love the shampoo I  used on them! Their coat is shiny and soft!!! I also bought a 4-meter hose to simplify the task! I use tabo kasi to give them baths before and oh my goodness it breaks my back! Tabo is dipper in English (correct me if I’m wrong)

Yesterday was truly a negative day. But I ended up with a smile on my face.

God will always make you realize that amidst all the negativity, you will find something good. GREAT, even!

I will be in Cebu this Monday! Thank you, Lord!

I wish I can meet my lovely Cebuana readers, let me fix my schedule first.

I am open to whatever you’re going to say, dear readers! Let me know your thoughts and how your day went yesterday.

Love, Say


  1. I know how you feel about giving your 8 dogs a bath! I have 8..pero 5 puppies pa lng... :) anyway, sometimes masarap talagang mag answer back sa mga bad comments.. but in the end we should not give others the permission to make us feel bad, right? keep it up Say!Tke care!!

  2. hay say, very well said. :)* hugs* -pia

  3. Its normal na magalit say..don't be guilty na u answer that B*... I love you baby continue being u coz that makes u unique. More power

  4. Its normal na magalit say..don't be guilty na u answer that B*... I love you baby continue being u coz that makes u unique. More power

  5. It's okay, this is one of the hard things about being well-known. You have your fans, and you have your haters.

    I also think that most of the time, na hahandle mo talaga sya- so it's okay to rant once in awhile. You need an outlet and it's good to speak out about these things.

    Nababasa ko dati yung mga comment sayo sa ibang youtube vids mo, napapatanong ako- kung wala kayong masabing maganda, ba't pa kayo nagsasalita? (If you can't say anything nice, why are you still saying stuff?) Buti sana kung constructive criticism yung iba, pero may mga comment na parang nang-aasar lang >.> makasakit lang sila ng tao?

    Therefore... I commend how you handle these haters. Stay strong and keep your focus on the people giving you love :)

  6. Say, I love this part "God will always make you realize that amidst all the negativity, you will find something good. GREAT, even!".. You're great and I interviewed you and you are really awesome for just giving us some of your time and talking about your hobby/work even if some of the details are confidential kahit walang bayad in return :) Continue doing things that make you happy and you inspire a lot of people! :) God will surely bless you more, Say! :)

  7. LOL on "excuse me ten times". Hahaha! It's ok to vent then let go. :-) It's ok to be yourself. I think I'm your bestfriend that you never knew. Hahaha!

  8. Hi Say! I should be doing my midterms for school but I have been meaning to post this na since forever. I hope you can take time to read this because it reaaaally means a lot. I just want to say na I idolize you very much. You inspire me! Like everytime may new video ka, I'd stop what I'm doing and load it agad on YouTube. That's how influential you've been to me. Like if magrrave ka ng products, ma-iinterest nya ko. To the people who continuously try to bring you down or compare you to other beauty gurus or even take time to make fake Instagram accounts just to say shit things about you, may God bless you all. To be honest, I don't know why they keep on comparing you to other beauty gurus when it's pretty obvious na may kanya kanya kayong characters. Your personality is, in my opinion, the best among them, even, kasi pang-masa. Hindi trying hard, hindi fake. You have your witty side. Most of all, I can always see that you're trying. You're always trying to serve your viewers with the best content. Pag may gusto ka, gusto mo. Pag may ayaw ka, ayaw mo. And that, I completely love about you.

    I am a fellow Filipino-Chinese who adores make up as much as you do, loves food, among other things, and I don't see why the crap people hate you. You don't deserve all of it - well, actually, you do! It just means na they take time pa to stalk you and say bad things about you kasi they CARE. They might seem pathetic pero think about it, ang tangush lang nila diba? Parang mga ewan na stalk ng stalk ng stalk at pilit ka pang hahanapan ng baho. They must love you sooo much. :-)

    Anyway, this is getting long. Haha! I love you Say!! I'm a fan. I'd love to talk pa and type a longer message pa pero next time na, on Email or on chat, perhaps. Stay wonderful and successful!

    Love lots, Toni Sia

  9. Hi pretty Say! I know it's hard to ignore those trash talks about you, kasi come to think of it, you mean no harm to anyone but they don't give a sh*t just to let you down...(i hate them for doing that to you) they envy you that much they wasted time making fake lame! anyways don't even loose that pretty smile of yours! your my Girl Crush Say! hihi (but I'm not a lesbian ha :) already married here...) i just admire you that much! Cause i know your beautiful inside out! God bless you more pretty Say!

  10. kung ayaw nila kay say then wag nilang panuorin ang mga tutorial,blogs,and even her instagram pictures,they are trying to pull you down,at alam namin na di ka padadaig dyan sa mga yan,always be good nalang,ganyan naman talaga ..