Thursday, 29 August 2013

Last Day in Davao (Durian, Jack’s Ridge, Luggage Left Behind)

Hello dear readers!! I almost forgot to blog about my last day in Davao! So here we go… I didn’t have any blanket that night so what I did was use the bed sheet as my blanket. I also turned the aircon off because I couldn’t take it!! Taking a bath that night was also pretty scary as well because of the window. I really prefer bath rooms without windows. I kept thinking maybe there was somebody watching me!!! But there wasn’t haha. I just really wished Mark was with me that time. Ever since we got together, he’s been my security. My handsome bodyguard! Haha. My sleep was pretty alright.

Watch the vlog here! More photos in this blog entry :)

I woke up at around 8:30 or so. Showered real quick, and joined Chedelyn and Olga for breakfast. Breakfast was alright, nothing special. Rice, hotdog, tocino, egg. I felt really bad that morning because---I GOT SICK FROM DRINKING TAP WATER!!! My stomach kept growling and I kept using the toilet! I had to go to the mall to buy medicine ASAP.

And so I did. I took a cab to Abreeza Mall. Oh Abreeza mall is beautiful. I headed straight to Mercury Drug and got my Imodium and a bottle of water. I had to take it right there and then. After that, I felt much better. I went around the huge mall and I loved it! Not much people around. It was early. I went to Watsons and bought a couple of toiletries. And then headed to Digital Walker Zoom to buy SD cards! I was in luck because they were having a 30% off sale! So I got myself (2) 32-GB SD CARDS! One for my SLR and one for my vlogging camera. I was glad!! I only paid around 1,800.00 for the two. Drop by Abreeza mall and see if they still have the promo going. DSC_0001DSC_0002

I was pretty worried I would be able to fly back to Manila that night because it was raining terribly. The typhoon was getting worse. My mom texted me and told me to not rush back home because the weather is pretty bad. I still wished and prayed my flight won’t be canceled because as much as I wanna stay longer in Davao, I wanted to go home to my family, dogs and see Mark as well. And besides, I had a lot of work piled up in Manila.

I went to the Department Store and shopped for a little makeup, accessories, and bought a Nike sling bag for Mark! They were also having a sale!! PHP900+ for the sling bag which totally looked like Mark! He’s obsessed with sling bags and I automatically thought of him when I saw it on display. I had to get it for him!!


I also got myself this REALLY ADORABLE RING from iCandy! It’s gorgeous! This serves as a reminder of my first Davao trip ever!!! 


Before leaving Abreeza, I saw a FOR ME store. My heart jumped a bit and I leaped into the store. I finally bought the Someday sweater I always wanted! It’s from their new collection! I also got 2 more tops from their line until I finally had enough. The saleslady was really friendly! She entitled me to a LUXE CARD! 10% discount on all purchases wooohoo! Oh, that reminds me, I have to activate the card! I needed to buy clothes anyway, because I only brought enough clothes for 2 days. What if my flight got canceled?


After Abreeza, I went back to the hotel and packed. I also got ready for my Davao makeup workshop. Ate Emafe insisted on picking me up from the hotel and it was really nice to meet her finally in person!!! Thank you Jillian, Ate Emafe, Chris, and Mimi!! :)

The Davao Makeup Workshop went great! I had so much fun with all my lovely students! Thank you Olga and Marla for being my models!! <3 Here’s a separate post of what transpired during the event:


After the workshop, I went to eat durian on the streets with Olga, Marla, Kat and  Angela! It was FIRST time trying out durian and I must say, I love Arancillo better than the native one! It’s GREAT with Coke too!!! Mmm mmm mm! Durian is the most interesting fruit I’ve ever tried.



Here’s a funny photo of my reaction upon eating the native durian (HAHAHAHAHAH!!!)


After eating durian we went to Jack’s Ridge!!! Ahhhh! I had to see the whole of Davao before leaving. Olga and Marla told me about this beautiful place overlooking the whole city! We were pressed for time but I was eager to have dinner there before my flight!


This is my I AM SO HAPPY I COULD CRY smile. The view was so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!


Olga offered to show me around the place real quick and took photos of me!!! THANK YOU OLGA!!! <3


LOOK AT THE JAPANESE AIRCRAFT!!!! I’m not entirely sure of what happened here, but it’s a tourist spot!


My last meal in Davao




RIBS!!!!!!!! (Remember my first meal when I got in Davao? Ribs! And I left eating the same!)

We had to rush to the airport after dinner because my flight was at 8:40PM. We got there just in time. I said my goodbyes to Olga and Marla and went to my boarding gate.

FLIGHT WAS DELAYED FOR HALF AN HOUR OR SO. I snacked on the plentiful durian goodies my friends gave me. I LOVE THE DURIAN COFFEE CANDY!!! When I visit again, I will make sure I try Durian Coffee!!!


I was losing my battery already so I had to find an outlet. I found one along the hallway and I sat on the floor. A Bisaya girl approached me and talked to me and asked if she could use the other socket. She was speaking in Bisaya so I told her, “Tagalog ako” Hehehe. She was so nice! And then when we were already called to board, I said my goodbyes to the girl. She was really friendly.

This reminds me, I think I forgot telling you guys about my seatmate in the plane going to Davao! She was friendly too! She started a conversation about work. Apparently, she’s a Mary Kay Consultant! Really cool. :)


FELT HUNGRY on the plane so I got cup noodles and a bottle of water.

I landed safely in Manila and as I descended to the conveyer belt for the luggages, I saw a Cebu Pac officer holding up a name card with my name on it. I was kinda confused. And then they told me MY LUGGAGE WAS OFF LOADED AND IS STILL IN DAVAO! I was like “WHAT?!!!!!!” I couldn’t leave it behind so I told my mom we had to wait. We went to Mcdonald’s to eat and I waited for 2 hours for the bag. UGH! First time I got so pissed.


Good thing the baggage arrived together with the last flight from Davao as they promised. If not… nako lang talaga.

It was pouring down ridiculous rain but thank God we got home safely.

I shall never forget this trip ever. I love Davao so much. And the people there are very very nice. Until next time, Davaoenos!

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