Saturday, 31 August 2013

Maid of the Day (House Chores)

Well hello there!! 1:09AM (HELLO SEPTEMBER!!!) I had a productive day. I was supposed to attend a bloggers’ event earlier but I skipped it because I felt like cleaning the whole house. I love cleaning. I find it so therapeutic. When you have dogs in the house (in our case, 8 dogs) you know you need to clean every single day. I started with our main room, then moved to my sister’s computer area (cleaned out a whole lot from there!!! Alikabok is so annoying!) And then finished dusting and sweeping as usual. I moved into the bedroom CR afterwards. I scrubbed and disinfected and threw out a bunch of hair/body products which are no longer used—only displayed! As much as I love cleaning, I also love throwing away things w/o use!! The drain got clogged because of so much water and I looked for our pump for about 15 minutes. All the while it was beside the toilet, geez. I learned it was broken so I had to maneuver it in a way that it would still pump. It took me 20 pumps before FINALLY getting that one pump which cleared the drainage..thank goodness! After the CR I moved to the sala area. Lotsa dusting and sweeping and mopping happened. As well as the other room and the dining area. I washed the dishes afterwards while singing out loud—I forgot what song but I was listening to FM radio! Love it! You’d think I’d be done after the dishes—but no!

I gave my dogs a bath one after the other. And we have 8 DOGS! 1 small one, and 7 big ones (mixed breeds w/ a Labrador breed) Bathing the first 7 was a piece of cake (I didn’t have to chase them around the house, just carry them and into the bath they went) but for the last one, Harry, I still had to chase him and make sure he didn’t get away! Talk about pakipot.

Bathing them was pretty alright because I use a hose. It’s when I use a pail and a tabo that it gets too hard! I ran out of shampoo for our last dog so I used Sunsilk on her. Hahahaha! She smells lovely.

After the dogs, I gave myself a bath.

And then I went shopping at Watsons.

Yummy dinner. And now, I’m working (online) :)

How about that for a Day in the Life of Say?! I told you life is not all glamorous! But I’m proud to share what house chores I do!!! No shame in that!

I’m up finalizing details about the 2 major events I’ll be managing this September and this October! If you are reading this, I hope you support them! It would mean a whole lot to me, really.

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  1. So sipag miss say, I do a lot of things like that too if I am in the mood, in my case, I have three dogs, ! jap. spitz, st.bernanrd and an aspin.. :)

  2. BTW, miss say, I was the one who asked you on youtube what kind of lights do you use. Thanks for replying me.. :)

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