Thursday, 8 August 2013

Morning Coffee Reads! (August 8, 2013) Choosing Our Battles

I know I have been gone for quite a few days! People have been asking for MCR to be back, and now it is! I don’t know where to start… But I really, really want to get this particular thing off my chest once and for all.


Yesterday I learned how to literally walk away from something I don’t wanna be part of. I didn’t want to deal with something so hateful and so arrogant that I just dropped it and walked away. I had the  most amazing time with Mark and he made me realize how stupid it is to even try to deal with a subject that doesn’t even make any sense at all.

When women (and…a girl in this matter) fight, it usually starts at something. But this particular thing didn’t even start at any concrete thing, but a “feeling”. You wouldn’t believe how some people make such a BIG DEAL about something they just felt. NOT EVEN PROVEN! That was when I realized I should just walk away from it and not have to deal with it since I have nothing to do with it!

I also learned how you should not deal with people who refuse to get off their high horse. You just can’t deal with people like that.

I know the kind of person I am, I tend to fight fire with fire. But it was such a liberating thing to cut it where it should be cut and free myself from what I like to call a vicious trap.

I also know which battles I can and cannot take. I am proud to have walked away from this.

Perhaps some people should come to a realization that the world does NOT revolve around them. A taste of success doesn’t give you any right to think so highly of yourself that everyone should bow down at your feet.

My parents raised me well. In all aspects of life. It’s something I am proud of and will hold on to forever. I was taught how to give respect to people who deserve it. And not to people who demand it.

Again, my dear readers, choose your battles wisely. Life it too beautiful to deal with senseless things.

What do you think about this, dear readers? Have you even encountered something like this?


  1. Couldn't agree more! Sometimes you just have to let something go and just deal with what's important :) Happy life as what I call it :)

  2. you wouldn't be in your position right now if it weren't for those haters or bashers. so just be thankful and laugh it all off. that's life, u can't please everyone so just be grateful to God that you are where u are now. :)

  3. Sometimes girls/people like that are like dogs they just bite you because they are scared of you. I guess its because of your face or maybe your strong personality. You're tisay-looking kasi I guess some women gets intimidated, they just don't wanna admit it so they wanna bite you first hehe! :)

  4. like i said in my FB post for you. to many of us you're an inspiring person who is as human and beautiful inside and out. Never let low blows and stupidity get to you. Stay strong Say. You're amazing and we love you.

  5. Right, Life is too beautiful!
    Well anyway, for me You are a great person Ms. Say! A gifted one!