Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Morning Coffee Reads (July 31, 2013) WELCOME TO MY HOTEL ROOM!

3:18AM as I type this down. Yes, my darling, I am back to this schedule. I tried sleeping early last night and I couldn’t! I slept at 2AM and woke up at 2PM! (WHAT THE HECK?!) So now I am up finishing work!

My recent Cebu trip was so memorable! And I have too much to share that I am splitting them into about 3 blog posts. The first one being…a tour of my hotel room!

I stayed for a total of 11 hours at the EXPRESS INN HOTEL CEBU. It only cost PHP1,080.00. Very affordable for a short-time stay! I needed to room to leave my things and rest in during my downtime. This is also the place where Noe and I filmed! Perfect lighting by the window!


General view of the room upon entering. It’s decent looking! I opened the blinds to let light it. No creepy feeling whatsoever! (I ‘ve had enough of creepy hotel rooms!!!)


This is so cute. A KEY KEYCHAIN and a room key as well! Get it? Haha I just found it too cute. It took me about 15 seconds to realize that it’s the power key for the room!


Bedside: the phone, food menu, aircon remote, TV remote, channel listing


View of the room from the other side. A small vanity space, and the bathroom across it


The bed looks so comfortable. But I don’t see any pillows! Two towels, and two hotel slippers by the bedside


Mirror above the bed


Flat screen TV




Overhead shower!




Sitting area for two


My view. Gloomy day that time!


LOL, me giving a “welcome to my hotel room” pose


The wedges that killed my feet during the flight! From Payless Shoesource. I love my nail polish, though! It’s from Tony Moly.


Foundation + powder, brows, and lipstick (Rimmel London Kate #110 from @honeyzcosmeticsstore on Instagram) My lenses are from @hhh_onlineshop. I blogged about my frames here: http://saytiocoartillero.blogspot.com/2013/07/sunnies-glasses-galore-giveaway.html


Oh yes, a shot of my carry on bag which I LOVE SO MUCH! (MK Inspired Bag PHP750.00 from @AIXocampo on Instagram)

We’re giving away a bag here: http://saytiocoartillero.blogspot.com/2013/07/new-additions-to-my-bag-collection.html


My brushes and brush belt ready for work! Enhance Cosmetics brush set (mix of brushes in the set) Enhance Cosmetics Brush Set PHP950.00 ONLY! https://www.facebook.com/EnhanceCosmetics


I had to bring my netbook to transfer files (yes I need to get a bigger SD card storage)


Of course my Addison Bag came with me as well! http://www.abbyjocson.com


My two babies!

Hope you enjoyed this hotel room tour! I’ll be sharing more tomorrow!!!

I’m gonna wrap up now, tomorrow is a busy day! I hope you have a wonderful day!

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