Wednesday, 25 September 2013

How Do You Handle Stress

There are times when things just seem to simultaneously topple over. I hate being put in the same negative zone over and over and over. If only they can all shut up forever so everyone can harmoniously COEXIST; or coexist without having the need to establish friendship or establish anything between one another.

I’ve been thinking and thinking of ways on how to shift my focus back to where I originally was before all of this surfaced (yet again) and I came up with a list. And this list I shall share (if ever someone out there is also going through the same thing)

  1. Take boxing lessons just to learn the basics of boxing (Mark actually offered to teach me, knowing muay thai and all that, for FREE of course! Yay)
  2. Purchase a standalone punching bag (ordering now)
  3. Punch every single day (I am excited to)

Not only do I get an outlet to release all the negativity (anger, aggressiveness, annoyance, irritability…etc) but I also burn calories! And I promise to punch every day.

  1. Leave Manila for 3 days. I am in the process of planning this. I will go somewhere far, shut off everything related to work, media, bitches and all that and just find QUIETNESS
  2. Reconnect with the my spirituality. With the help of my angels

This is exciting. Will definitely write more about this when they come to life soon.

Morning Coffee Reads will resume soon.

Thank you for reading this. Share in the comments how you deal with stress.


  1. Definitely getting away from everything. Also, cutting off any ties that I have with negative people. I can't be happy when someone keeps dragging me down. Sometimes, there are people in this world who aren't worthy of our time. Do what Demi Lovato did, she cut off all the negative people in her life. Look where she is now. You can get by w/o them. You have been successful on your own.

  2. I totally agree with the COEXIST thing. Sometimes it's so annoying like you owe them everything, your time, your pakikisama, and all that backstabbing. A simple time out with trusted friends during the weekend make my day. I need not say anything, just their presence is enough to heal. I also like to sing out loud, it really releases the stress physically (try singing Brunnhilde's Immolation Scene, you can search for Gwyneth Jone's Immolation Scene in YouTube). My next option is to pig-out. And finally, I don't think about it anymore ('i don't care, i don't owe anyone an explanation' attitude).