Monday, 24 February 2014

My First Car

Hey everyone!

It’s been quite a while since I updated my personal blog! I just wanted to share something new—if you haven’t watched my latest vlog, that is! :)

I spent last weekend with Mark’s whole family. What I was looking forward to more than ever that time, was February 17—mine and Mark’s post-Valentine’s date at Bag of Beans in Tagaytay! Little did I know…something even bigger was going to happen.


The car for me FOUND ME! You read that right! It found me! Not the other way around.

Car-hunting is not a walk in the park. It’s more tedious than I thought it would be. I remember last year, we spent a whole day with Mark’s dad, Tito Larrie driving around and hopping from one place to another just to look at cars. ONE WHOLE DAY. We ended up finding the best one during our last stop. But I had to postpone buying since it was too expensive for me.

It’s a whole different thing when you buy something for yourself. I don’t get to ask my parents for money anymore. Everything is from what I save up. It’s been tough commuting all these years for myself. And so I promised…and I really swore I’d get my own car by 2014-2015.

I don’t need a brand new car, that will come siguro later pa, perhaps when Mark and I get married! A brand new car is too expensive. I considered a lot of things before even thinking about getting a car.

First, there are bills to pay. Meralco, and life & health insurance. And tax too! I have budgets for all my projects and just can’t afford to spend big bucks all at once.

Handling your own finances is not as easy as you think. This definitely made me feel like I’m all grown up na talaga.

Going back to how the car found me…

I really wasn’t looking for cars anymore that weekend, but it was a coincidence that it was offered to us while Mark’s ninong was checking out another car.

Tito Larrie asked me if I was interested to take a look. I was really hesitant, because I kind of slashed it off my priorities already. The trip to Singapore was what I was getting ready for! But I thought, oh what the heck, why not…

So we went and checked it out.

I must admit, it wasn’t LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, but it definitely made me feel like it was the car for me.

HONDA ACCORD 1996. Not brand new, but it looks pretty decent! Take a look at the interiors!


I seriously, seriously think that it was meant to be… You know why? It fits all my “qualifications”:

  • must look neat and clean (both exterior and interior)
  • must be automatic (because I can’t imagine myself driving with a stick)
  • must be red OR black
  • must look decent, even for a second hand car
  • must cost lower than ____ pesos

I looked at Mark and I knew he could see the disbelief in my eyes. “Baka ito na hinahanap mo, bi!” / “Maybe this is it, baby!” he told me.


Only a few repairs needed for the windows, and door handles. Everything is powered.

I had the whole night to think it over. I went over my savings. I was torn. Torn between buying and not buying. For the first time in my life, I felt scared of buying something.

Perhaps it was more of a fear of taking a huge step. And losing money, too.

I felt extremely overwhelmed and I sure am too lucky to have Mark help me decide. We weighed the pros and cons.

In the end, we decided to take the car. :)

I have Mark’s dad to thank for helping me with everything!!! Even Mark’s uncles and grandfather who helped check the car for defects and whatnots.

February 17 came and we didn’t go to Bag of Beans… we went to pick up the car instead!

I felt heartbroken that I had to part ways with my savings, but I also thought to myself, that this car would benefit me. A LOT.

And it has been… truly!


First road trip!!!


You can see my eyes smile… It felt wonderful. Although at this point it still hasn’t sunk in… I told Mark, “Perhaps when I see my saving accounts, it will sink in.” LOL!


Thank goodness Mark is a professional driver! He drove us home! My baby boy had his first car wash at a local car wash station!


It felt wonderful taking a huge step and making a big decision with somebody I trusted so much. Mark is seriously a keeper.


There he is!!! I still don’t know what to name him. He looks handsome, so it’s probably going to be “Ricardo”/”Antonio” lol, something that sounds Español. Any suggestions?


Mark concentrating :)


I want to cry whenever I think about all the things I went through to be able to save up for this, and many more things…

See? Goals can be reached! Just don’t let anybody stop you…

This is just the beginning of many many many beautiful journeys.

And I am happy to share this with everyone :)

Keep chasing your goals!!! You’re closer than you think.


  1. Congrats on the new investment slash baby, Say! :) I've been looking at cars lately, too, but nothing set in stone that I'll get one (faaaaar too expensive for me right now especially I'm not really earning consistently).. I'm starting to consider secondhand cars more and more. Like you, it doesn't have to be the latest and greatest. If it works/functions well and second most important is that it's clean and well managed by the first owner, and justifiable ang price then pwede na. Oh and automatic over manual, too, haha! Driving a stickshift is too much torture.

    Drive safely :D

    Anna (

  2. Happy for you Say!i must give you a friendly reminder though..since its Accord, maintenance and parts are pricier than regular save up and enjoy!!!it really feels good to have one's major investment :)

  3. Happy for you Say!i must give you a friendly reminder though..since its Accord, maintenance and parts are pricier than regular save up and enjoy!!!it really feels good to have one's major investment :)

  4. Hi Say! Congratulations on purchasing your first car! Keep it up! I hope you post more Youtube videos because I like watching your reviews.

  5. Congrats Ms. Say.! You are truly an inspiration! Love you!

    PS. Mark is so good! I wish I can find a guy like him! You are so lucky!

  6. Congrats!! so happy and proud of you!

  7. You want to cry? Ako nga eh, nanaiyak sa mga dream-come-true moments mo! For someone who doesn't know you personally, I am so proud of you! Yes! Dreams to come true. It might not be what we envisioned, exactly, but when you keep na open mind --- you will see the beauty of everything!

  8. sana nag toyota vios ka nalang.. wala lang.. tipid sa gas.. we have a honda before too.. lakas sa gas.. the girl from the top said its an Accord. Maintenance is soooooo expensive. 2.0 so expect the oil price pag papafulltank ka :) change oil, suspension, d-breaks and other stuff. madugo maintenance ng Honda.. it seems you're earning naman kaya mukhang kaya mo naman. before i want a honda but i settled sa vios to be my first car :) keri ang maintenance :)

  9. Congrats on having your first car. Im planning of having a car of my own. But Im planning to buy a brand new car maybe later this year or next year. Yung maliit lang na car for starter. Kagaya nung Kia Picanto.
    Most of my friends discourage me from buying a second hand car. Saying mura nga at first but in the long run, marami ka ring ma gagastos when it comes to repair.
    But im happy for you on having your new car. Hope mine will come too.
    OT: hope you come visit my site also at

  10. congrats on your first car say :) love watching your vlogs! keep up the good work! :)

  11. I remember the time when I got my first car. It was a Toyota VIOS which I financed with my own money. I was very happy to drive it around and even got car insurance for it. Unfortunately, I experienced some bumps and accidents along the way. Nothing serious though. Anyway, have fun with your new “baby”! And of course, drive safely!

    - Amanda

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  13. Nice car, Say! I’ve been stuck driving my dad’s old Ford. This year, I’m applying for car loan and with car insurance of course. Any recommendation and advice where to get the best local car insurance in Manila? My boyfriend’s insurance provider is Mapfre Insular. I think they are good naman, since they cover the repair when my boyfriend had a car accident in Cavite.

  14. never thought cars could be this pretty. no wonder men would go crazy over them haha! I am starting a new Pinterest board of car pictures and I wish to include this. Please let me? Cheeeeeeers!!
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