Friday, 29 April 2011

Always Rushing

It's 12:26AM of April 30, 2011.
I just finished working out and eating dinner. I am so behind my schedule and I must say I am so not happy about it. I was supposed to blog about a lot of things yesterday but I never got the chance to, since everything was happening all at the same time and I couldn't sneak in a little personal blogging time. So what was I was going to blog about...

I did another tutorial yesterday, and I think I've fallen in love with bad ass looks! What do you think of bad girls? Care for a snapshot?
This look is inspired by the beautiful Nicki Minaj! I was going to go for the worn-down look for my hair but then again I figured I should add some attitude to it so I decided to pull my hair up and do the teasing! And because of this, I'm running out of hairspray! I need to pick up 2-3 bottles soon. I love high ponies and poufs. Yeah, yeah I know this may look slutty to narrow-minded people, but let me just say, I'm in character. I always play roles when I film! It's all part of it. Speaking of this look, I just finished editing the video today (by today I mean Friday) and Live Movie Maker is giving me a damn hard time saving. I tried re-saving for like 20 times and it still won't save! So as you can very much tell right now I've stopped trying, because if I try saving it again, my whole laptop will freeze on me and I'm gonna want to smack it down on my table again! I have freezing laptops! MSi is starting to suck. The video won't be up until this weekend, sad to say. But okay okay okay I'll try again later on...

I remember wanting to blog about my workout yesterday, since after over a week of continuously doing the My Buns Hurt Workout, I switched back to the 600 Killer Reps Workout (also by BodyRock). I have tweeted a million times about how much I love this workout! It's the perfect full body workout. And yesterday was another day one of it, and I'm soooo proud of myself for pushing myself! Ahh...every exercise executed perfectly. And I was dripping with sweat after just the first 60 reps of the first exercise! Which is super amazing by the way. [Here I am again blabbing about working out. If you find this boring, skip this paragraph! The next one might interest you more.] Not once did I cheat! And I did the whole workout in 29 minutes tops! Too long because I really pushed. Not to mention how much determination my Nike Determination Sport Bra gave me! No pun intended. The My Buns Hurt Workout really worked. My thighs shrunk and my muscles are much more defined. I actually managed to take a photo after my workout. I used the ISO (High Sensitivity) setting of my Cybershot W130 since I was in a dim-lighted room. 
Again, for narrow-minded people, I'm not flaunting my body, I'm merely showing my progress with my diet and workout. And I want to encourage people to start working out!!! Want more inspiration? This is how I looked before. (DON'T SCREAM AND DIE, PLEASE!) 

Ahhhh...everytime I see these photos I want the ground to swallow me up! I was a cow! A huge one! Not ashamed to show them, though. They're worth sharing, especially now that I'm too much into fitness already.  And I have a mental note to never say "I look fat!" to anyone because someone is going to flip me off. And girls who put themselves down are never sexy. Confident girls are (but not over-confident ones, okay)! I just realized this from a friend of mine. Hahaha worth mentioning? Maybe. Okay I'm shutting up, I'm shutting up.

So my workout song last Friday was this
(Can't seem to embed the video, so just click the word "this")
Ysha tweeted about this and I totally got hooked!!! Wickkkked rapping, I tell you! I had this playing on and on until I finished 29 minutes of the workout. I'm waiting for Ysha to do a similar video! Ysha, I'm looking forward to it since you said you're gonna take the challenge! Hahaha!
So you know how I rest in between exercises, right? I don't actually rest! I take a huff and puff of air and I dance! Hahahaha! Oh do I dance! It's so much fun to dance when no one's watching! So if you're wondering what I do in between torturous exercises, I just answered you. 

So lemme tell you about Friday! Coz it's already 1:57AM. Woke up at 2:30! Didn't film anything today since my Nicki Minaj video didn't go up so I thought I had all day to work on it. And obviously I still wasn't able to figure out how to make it go through. Stupid Live Movie Maker. 

The Royal Wedding was today! It was absolutely lovely! Kate is the most beautiful bride ever. She did her own makeup and my gosh did she look stunning. I was kind of live tweeting about the whole thing but I know some followers would be annoyed so I tried to simmer down a bit. Although I couldn't help tweet about how handsome Prince Harry is. I personally think he's waaay hotter than Prince William. Prince William looks fine as well, but he kind of reminds me of President Noy. Maybe it's because of the hair? I'm all for Prince Harry!!! ESPECIALLY IN THE UNIFORM! Don't you agree that men in uniform look sooooo hot? 
Photo from
 Perfect looking bride. Kate Middleton now the Duchess of Cambridge. 
Photo from Prince William looks hot with the hat on.
Photo from
The royal kiss. They kissed twice! And William totally blushed! Soooo romantic.

So the whole night I was trying to save the Nicki Minaj video and I finally gave up at 10:00PM. That was the time I started my workout. Yeah, I know--that late! I finished in 27 minutes and 44 seconds--time improved because I did the workouts continuously (with short huffs and puffs of air plus dancing in between, as usual). Still listened to the Look At Me Now cover by Karmin. I had a great workout too! Day two of the 600 Killer Reps and my body is sore! But the only way to get rid of the soreness is to move more! Move move move! In me lives a general. And that bitch tortures me like crazy--but I love her!

So in about 3 hours I have to get up and pack my stuff (which will take me one good hour) and workout as well! Can't miss my workout for Saturday! So I need an extra 30 minutes for that. I'm sleeping over with my friends! We're gonna go swimming this morning (9AM perhaps) and I'm so excited to see them! I'll be able to blog, so I'll be updating! 

Guess there's nothing more left to say...except I have a desk full of unorganized crap so I better get a move on it and finally sleep for a good 3-4 hours. Re-energize myself for my early morning torture workout. Yeah yeah, I'm crazy.

Goedemorgen, people from the other side of the world!


  1. oooh... great progress with the workout! :)

  2. Wow! I like that you showed your old photo of you, just like when I saw a video tutorial showing your face not primed, with no foundation and concealer on even if at that time you had blemishes/zit. Two thumbs up!

  3. what do you use as an alternative for the sandbag?

  4. I use a duffel bag. Stuff it will heavy things (i.e. books, towels, weights...etc) :) Just make sure it's heavy and the edges won't hurt you!

  5. i encourage you to read there's nothing wrong being plump as long as your healthy. :) ♥

  6. Thanks Anonymous. :) I'll check it out!