Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bestfriends from Across the World

I know it's 4:39AM in the Philippines and I should really be sleeping but I just felt like blogging (ahh, yes it's back in my system)
I just chatted with April about two hours ago on Y! Messenger and I feel really, incredibly happy. We haven't talked in agesss and it felt like heaven to be able to chat with her again! April moved to Ontario (from PH) years back and we always kept in touch with our personal and private blogs. But years passed and we all kind of got our own lives. I turned my blog into a beauty blog (but now I have my Je m'appelle Say to keep me company!) We all went to college, had new friends and the likes.
I met April when I was like 12 or 13. She moved a few years after we met and I felt closer to her despite the distance! We would always send each other snail mails!!! Imagine! Actually we all sent each other snail mails. There's Lejannie who is now in Hong Kong, Joanne who is now in Florida, Roseanne who is now in Vancouver, and April in Ontrario! I love them soooo much! There's actually 10 of us in the group, and now 4 lives abroad. 
Why am I actually writing about this?
I just really feel happy that these people are still connected with me even though we're billions of miles (kidding) away from each other. It's so comforting to be up at like 1AM-6AM and have somebody to talk to [across the globe], someone who gets whatever you're bitching about or raving about. God, these girls are heaven-sent! We're all turning 20++ in the coming months! How fast can life roll?! 
Ohhh and I just wanted to add, the internet is the best thing ever invented.
Now I really must go to bed. I have an extra difficult look to recreate coming up tomorrow. And yeah, it's for my beauty channel and blog. 

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