Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Nike Determination Sport Bra

Look what I got from an unexpected trip to the mall. A Nike Determination Sport Bra! (uh-huh, with the 's' on Sport--checked the tag) I have a whole album of different kinds of Nike bra's (and other sports apparel) to buy! I love this one. And I'm here to make a review about it! 
Inner me: "Now who do you think would be interested in that?!"
Me: "I don't know...women who love working out as much as I do?"
What's left on the rack was two S's and an L. I've never been an S all my life so I got the L. I had a feeling it would fit me perfectly! When I tried it on, it did fit me perfectly! Ahh...it just felt like Mr. Right for my babies (okay, you know I meant boobs, right?) So, of course I had to do my workout for today and it was kind of a test drive for the bra. (That sounded really funny and inappropriate, but I'm just really trying to explain all this.)
So you know (or you do not) how my BodyRock.tv workouts involve a lot of jumping, lunges, bending and the likes, right? And I need support! (Just like how the guys need supporters for...stuff.) 
This bra fit really tight on me. Almost perfect but kind of tight--but maybe's that's just the way it should be, you know? So I started my workout and I LOVED THE BRA. No unnecessary bouncing whatsoever! I tell you! It's the best one I've used. I actually felt more driven to workout today because of it. (But wait till I get my hands on Lululemon apparels!)
Also this bra has the Dri-fit technology
"Pulls away sweat to help keep you dry and comfortable." 
Oh yes, the sweat. You should see me sweat when I workout. Too much is just too much, I tell you. The bra kind of sucked in everything. No icky feeling at all.
Moving on to the design of the bra. This has The Ventilated Mobility technology
"Designed for medium impact sports like cycling, dance and cardio classes, this bra features and internal shelf system for support, added modesty and shaping. A full mesh back provides great ventilation, mobility and weight distribution." (For girls with cups A B and C) 
I really love the design of this bra. Can't really say anything bad about the design BUT the tag inside is definitely annoying!!! It has like 6 tags (different languages) about what the bra is made of. It's the only annoying thing, in general.
This bra retails for PHP 1,495.00 but I got it for PHP 747.50 HAHAHA! 50% off baby!
So happy! And let me tell you, I'm going back for more! 



  1. That was a great story! I like how it actually has some cup because sports bras usually are unflattering shape wise. I found a great site to shop for Bras for women for when you're not working out. Thanks again for the laugh and enjoy!

  2. For my workouts I have just bought two pairs of Carbon38 sports bras and these are truly stunning. I have received the delivery and I must say that the quality is better than that I had expected. Moreover, these are within my budget.