Monday, 25 April 2011

My Favorite Cafe: Caffe Ti Amo

Last Sunday, went curtain shopping and spent hours just looking around home decors. The mall was having a furniture sale of some sort and it was really fun to look around. I can't wait for the day that I shop for my own house/apartment! That would be beyond awesome (at least for me because I loooove decorating/organizing). 
Before going home, I went to Caffe Ti Amo just to hang out a bit. I ordered the usual. Honeybread Gelato and Mocha Frappe. And the mall has free Wi-fi so it was really convenient. Caffe Ti Amo was quiet that day, and it was perfect. No noisy talking people or the likes. I sat comfortably in a 4-person table just because my bag needed a chair and the things I shopped for also needed a chair. Call me selfish, but I love having big spaces! And besides, there were only a few customers that day. Believe me--I'd hate it, but I'd move if a larger group arrived to sit.

So lemme tell you something about the Honeybread Gelato. I chose cookies 'n cream and dark chocolate gelato to be put on top of it. It costs PHP120.00 And it's the best, I can say. It's actually more than what I could finish. I call it heaven. Gelato, honeybread, syrup, blueberry sauce...Mmmm. Perfecto! All the while I was thinking, "How many calories does this baby have?" The Mocha Frappe was nothing special. I prefer Starbucks' more (well, duh) But Starbucks is always crowded so it's always Plan B for me.

Caffe Ti Amo brings me this homey cozy feeling that is why I love this place!


  1. blueberry yumms! followed u here say! :))-charlesangel

  2. i wanna try that honeybread gelato! cravingggg

  3. oh my god i just drooled over that honeybread gelato

  4. Hi geishcharles!!! So happy to see you here! :)
    Jooooooo!!! I'll treat you when you get back here!!! :*
    Hello Joice!!! Hahaha it tastes amazing. ;)