Sunday, 29 May 2011

Beautiful Sunday: Church, The French Baker, Supermarket, Desserts, Salon

May 29, 2011 (Sunday) Today is probably one of the best Sundays I have ever had. I woke up at 9:10AM and hurriedly made myself a cup of hot cereal drink, chugged it down, and headed to the shower for a quick 10-minute bath. I was able to put on a decent face for church in about 15 minutes (usual thing, foundation, concealer, black winged liner, no lipstick, mascara, blush and brows). I wore a lazy outfit of jeans, slippers, and a loose 3/4 black top from Forever 21. It did not flatter my shape at all! Have I mentioned how much I love fitted clothes nowadays? We left home at 10:00AM. We arrived just in time for the Gospel. My favorite priest was a guest priest today—Fr. Lino Nicasio (Linus) And our parish priest Fr. Aquino led the mass. One thing struck me most during his homily:

“Love should never be a burden.”

IMG_0759After hearing mass, we went to the usual places. We had brunch @ The French Baker as usual. I ordered something new. I loved our meal today, contrary to what happened last night. I just found out today that The French Baker has a restroom! And take note: a CLEAN restroom. This makes me love this restaurant 10x more! Here I am inside… Spacious and clean! Don’t you just love the paintings on their walls? I do!IMG_0757-horzWhile waiting for the food, I managed to take photos with my beautiful Mama. Unlike me, my mom never put makeup on her face (well, except on picture days during her high school and college days) I love my Mama! She’s really the best. Have I mentioned how much she supports and loves what I do (blogging, YouTube, freelancing as a HMUA) 100%?IMG_0761-horzIMG_0775-horzNow let’s get on with the food! The first thing I asked was the availability of the Hot Chocolate in a Pot—I’ve been craving for two days for this already. Sadly, it wasn’t available. I wanted something new to eat, and I ended up having Quiche Lorraine, Soup and Salad (Freshly Baked Quiche Lorraine with soup of the day and honey balsamic greens)IMG_0739-horzIMG_0770IMG_0785-horzThe Quiche (pronounced as “keesh”) Lorraine had ham and egg in it. It tasted so good! Not burnt, whatsoever. The soup for the day was Bacon and Potato (our favorite) and each spoonful was “Mmmmmm…” all the way!IMG_0767My sister lady had the STEAK SANDWICH (Tender beef sirloin marinated in fine herbs served on crusty steak roll)IMG_0771My sister Luzelle had the CHICKEN ALA KING (French classical voul-au-vent flaky shell stuffed with chunks of chicken in creamy “a la king” sauce and sided with buttered corn and carrots)IMG_0782My Mama had the CHICKEN SALAD CROISSANT (Chunky chicken salad with lettuce, tomato and cucumber on freshly baked croissant and sided with our own potato chips)IMG_0787My sister Iza had the BEEF LASAGNA (Layers of mozzarella cheese stuffed with Italian beef Ragu sauce and topped with creamy melted cheese)IMG_0772-horzAnd why would we forget to order the SOUP ON A BREAD BOWL? (Creamy soup of the day stuffed in French bread bowl. Enjoy the soup and eat the bread.) The soup for today “Bacon and Potato” is our absolute favorite!IMG_0792The salad on my dish had no dressing on, so I asked for it to be returned and to be added with the dressing. It came back to me, I tasted it, and I honestly did not like it. I think it tasted better without the Honey Balsamic dressing. Nevertheless, I loved the little cut up cheese squares and the mango cubes on it! Iwas stuffed the moment we left the restaurant.IMG_0793IMG_0795Here’s the chef whipping up something delicious! You can actually see them cook through the glass window. And if you want to see their menu before entering, they have this huge ass menu board right outside.IMG_0818My sister Luzelle is scheduled to leave for GenSan tomorrow for work, so we went to the supermarket to do a little grocery shopping. If there’s a second favorite place I love whenever I’m in the mall, it would have to be the supermarket. Don’t you just love the clean smell? And the endless varieties of EVERYTHING? I can spend 10 hours by myself in the supermarket…really. It’s just too fun to be in there pour moi.IMG_0799-horzIMG_0803Look at these little mangoes and grapefruit! These are the kind of fruits I can eat my whole life. The whole Fruits and Vegetable section looked so healthy and colorful! I can’t wait to be a mom/wife working woman and buy food for myself. Just imagine!IMG_0806This Lady’s Choice lady was giving out taste samples of eggs with mayonnaise. Did you know that mayo makes the eggs more fluffier? Try it! It really works. My sister Lady introduced me to it about a month ago. She read it from the newspaper.IMG_0808-horzWho here loves Nutella? It’s the most evil thing in our house. It’s a controlled guilty pleasure of mine. Operative word: controlled. Who knew hazelnut and cocoa would taste so damn good?

You know how I clean the room everyday of my life. And I only need these things to do it the Lindsay Way:

  1. a feather duster
  2. a broom
  3. a dustpan
  4. a rag
  5. alcohol
  6. disinfectantIMG_0813

Give me these things and I’ll be happily cleaning all the way. #6 is very particular to me. Whenever I clean, I imagine the germs. And what do I do to get rid of them? It’s either spray alcohol all over, or spray Lysol like a madman (on knobs, handles, anything that touches the skin, tables, keyboards…etc) My favorite among all the scents is Crisp Linen!IMG_0821We stopped by BookSale and I searched for books that are worthy of purchase. I wanted to get this one from George Mair entitled “A Life with Purpose”, but I didn’t get it just yet. Maybe I’ll come back for it. If only I had all the time in the world, I’d buy a ton of books to read! The last book I finished reading was “Royally Jacked” and I was like 15 years old then. Hahahaha. It’s alright, you can laugh.

IMG_0831-horzMy sister Lady wanted to get dessert so I went to Krispy Kreme with her. She ordered a Double Chocolate Kruffin! This baby tastes sooooo good! Well, at PHP 65.00 a piece they totally should!

IMG_0833-horzIMG_0836-horzCaffe Ti Amo was just beside Krispy Kreme so we decided to get gelato, too! We taste-tested before ordering out usual Regolare cup. We ended up like Straciatella (Italian-style Chocolate Chip Ice Cream) and ordered it along with Cookies and Cream. Dichi (Lady) and I had fun pronouncing the word Straciatella with an Italian accent! We went like, “StRRaciateLLa!” Try it! IMG_0841-horzThe last stop today was Simple Life Salon. My sister and I decided to treat Mama to a haircut since she wanted one. We waited for a good 30 minutes for Mama. I was able to take photos of the nail salon that I’ll be using the services of for my 20th birthday giveaway. I’ll be posting about it soon.IMG_0899-horzThis day is not yet over! Dinner tonight will be in a separate blog entry. Keep your eyes peeled!


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