Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Blogger Down, Scream 4, Life As We Know It, Live Writer

May 9, 2011 (Monday) The Afternoon
I was totally not up to doing anything after cleaning the room. I just showered and stayed clean for the rest of the afternoon. I love relaxing especially in a room that I cleaned. You know at times I think about opening my own cleaning/housekeeping service. Too absurd, but c’mon, it’s totally possible!
A few weeks back, my sister Iza saved a couple of internet-downloaded movies in my USB. I never really got the chance to watch all of them because I’m always too preoccupied with my videos and my blogs. I was able to watch White Chicks and The Others  just recently though, and this afternoon I decided to watch the rest since the internet connection’s gone whacko because of the wind from the typhoon yesterday. scream-4
I started with “Scream 4”. Personally, I think it’s a stupid movie. Well, I did love the fact that Courtney Cox and Adam Brody were part of the cast—but that’s it. The whole thing is just stupid. C’monnnn…all that freaking killing for fame and shit? Pffft. All it’s all too predictable. Like, they’d come up with potential characters who would project the motives of being the killer him/herself, but in the end it’s always the character [who you never thought would be the killer] who would be the killer. Blech. Well out of ten stars, I’m giving Scream 4 two. For Courtney and Adam. Hahaha!life_as_we_know_it_poster_03
"Life As We Know It” was up next. I really didn’t know what the whole movie was about but I gave it a chance. The lovely Katherine Heigl and the freaaaaaaaking HOT Josh Duhamel totally caught me. Before I get into Josh’s hotness, let me talk about the movie. Well, you can probably read the synopsis online, but basically the story is about Katherine and Josh’s two married friends dying in a car accident and leaving their baby in (Katherine and Josh’s) their custody. They were put on the will as the people whom the baby would go to in case of their sudden deaths. So they had to live in the house and take care of the baby. Blah blah blah. Of course along the way they fall in love yada yada yada. Because of their careers, they had to go separate ways, Messer (Josh) had to move to Phoenix to pursue his career, while Katherine (forgot her character’s name) stayed  and worked on Fraische; at the same time dating Sam, the pediatrician of Sophie. So on Thanksgiving they all got together and Messer found out through the neighbors that Katherine will be selling the house and all that…so they yelled and fought blah blah blah. Messer went back to Phoenix, Sam told Katherine that there's clearly unresolved feelings between the two of them and so he left her. Yada yada yada…let’s fast forward to the end shall we? Well the child care services woman paid Katherine a visit and they got into talking about plans for Sophie and all that, Katherine was knocked into her senses and ran to the airport to stop Messer from going back to Phoenix. Well that running after scene was predictable, what’s surprising is when the child care services woman went along with her! That freaking made me laugh. Crazy woman. Well, Katherine missed it. The plane had taken off when she came. So they went back to the house, and she finds Messer in the house. You all know what happened next… It’s a wonderful ending. You should totally watch it. It’s too wonderful to miss watching. There’s really no point in talking about how hot Josh Duhamel is. Saying it is more than enough. I’m sure 99.9% of women out there agrees with me.
After having my own movie-marathon (two movies can be considered a marathon, right?) My sister came in with deep freaking fried oreos and ice cream. Uggggh. Of course I tried it! I had like 4 pieces, all topped with freaking ice cream. I felt like puking afterwards, but oh my goodness, was it the best thing I ever tasted. And no, I did not miss my workout today. I rarely miss my workouts—especially if I sneak in a few calories throughout the whole day.
Blogger was totally down today. The page kept LOADING…LOADING…LOADING. I was “What the fuck, I have to freaking blog!” for a good 5 minutes and then I decided to go through help forums. None of those helped, at all. Well, switching to the old editor helped, yeah, but not with the photos! I was thinking crazy how I’d be able to publish the entries TODAY, because that’s the deadline I gave myself. So I was thinking…thinking…thinking…and I suddenly remembered Achi Char (of Shopsui and Skin Hour) tweeting about Windows Live Writer. I thought, “Oh yeah I have it here, but I never checked out how it works.” So turns out you can connect your blogs to this software and blog whenever, be able to preview it in the software itself (how it would actually look like in your blog since the software acquires your blog’s layout and design) yada yada yada. So I gave it a try and it freaaaaaking worked. I immediately tweeted Sab (MissCoryPotts) about it since apparently she also had problems with Blogger. I also went back to the forums and I freaking shared my solution. C’mon I know how it kills bloggers to NOT be able to blog just because of technical shit. So there I was saying “Hi, I found a solution…all you have to do is…”—it felt amazing! I may never even know if anyone was able to read my reply, but somehow I know in myself that I helped, and that is totally more than enough!
My workout today lasted for 48 minutes and 9 seconds. 600 Killer Reps by BodyRock.tv and Hip Hop Abs exercises. Same old routine. Every time it gets easier—and the best thing about all this is feeling soooooo good about your body. Believe me! So move your ass, and your life will change before your eyes. auth
I was up till 4:35AM. In the wee hours of the morning I was able to get into business with my good friend Krizel. We’re working on an online store and I’m feeling that this will be great. Heck, I’m like practicing my marketing skills already! I know how they say ‘never do business with friends, coz’ you always end up being enemies’, but that’s just what they say. Krizel is like the sister I never had—and I have a feeling that this will totally be great.

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