Tuesday, 10 May 2011

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May 10, 2011 (Tuesday) 
Woke up at 11:30AM [again] this morning. I really think it’s great how my waking time has stuck this time. Not too early nor too late. Skipped breakfast today since I had to go run some errands. So it was shower, hair and makeup zoom zoom zoom and by 12:30PM I was out the door.
So I went to Paulo and Stephen’s schools to request for documents. LCCM was easy, no hassle whatsoever. But my goodness, UE killed me. Not only was I sweating! I had to walk to the building in the far end. When I got to the registrar’s office, there was this long line, I was like “What the fuck.” and then 5 minutes later I realized I was in the wrong line, so I went right in the office and waited for the person who will be approving the SPA.
It was perfect in there. Really cold A/C! But refreshing! All the while I was thinking, it would be so cool to have my own office someday. I was seated for like 15 minutes and I realized I HAVE to go in the room and not follow the order that I was given to WAIT for the person in charge to go out of the room. Like what the hell it’s her office, and she works in there—why the fuck would she go out anytime soon? If I waited any longer, I swear it would take hours! So I walked to the door, greeted her and I was let in! She was totally kind and sweet! I had the SPA approved in 10 minutes. That freaking quick. And what if I just waited?! Time is precious people! So my advise, when they let you wait and it takes like more than 15 minutes, MOVE YOUR ASS AND WORK ON IT. You ain’t waiting forever, sister.
I left UE empty handed, since apparently, the document has already been requested yada yada yada. Nothing left for me to do but to head home and give Pau a call about it.
Before heading home I stopped by Jollibee to pick up some eats for lunch for my mom, my sister and myself. So I was there ordering, and then this bitch beside me (I’m assuming she’s part of the crew) kept talking to the cashier I was talking to. So I was like giving her my orders and she asked me if it was for dine-in or take out. I clearly said “TAKE OUT.” So she repeated my orders like they always do, and she was like “…all for dine in Ma’am.” I was like, “No. TAKE OUT nga eh.” Ugh. If you’d just be chattering your ass off with your co-worker and pay no attention to your customers, you oughta be fired! I was made to wait for the fries so I was there, seated. Waiting… 5 minutes….10 minutes. Then there was this old man in the line and he was like looking at me. Glancing, glancing, staring. I was like WHAT THE FUCK! Eeew. I kept my cool of course! Not really the first time that this happened. So my order still did not come. 15 freaking minutes. And it was time to call for the attention of the waiter. So I said “Pwede paki-follow up, ang tagal eh.” So the waiter went to the counter. And to my FREAKING HORROR THE OLD MAN WAS RIGHT BESIDE THE TABLE I WAS SEATED ON! We weren’t on the same table, but he was just like an arm’s away from me. The chairs in that Jollibee branch are all retarded. Stuck to the floor. Kept soooo close together. So 20 minutes passed and the waiter finally came with my take out. Just then this DOM said “Miss, bigyan lang kita nitong flyer.” and handed a flyer. I paid no attention. I was thinking, HELL NO. EAT YOUR FLYER. C’mon dude, I saw the way you were looking at me. You oughta be blindfolded! Crazzzzzy, I tell you. When the waiter finished wrapping up my orders, I walked away. I walked outta there. Unbelievable people.
I was home in 10 minutes. Ate my food like nomnomnom. Consumed caffeine accidentally, so I had to skip taking the pill tonight, else have palpitations! While eating, “The Haunted Mansion” was playing on the TV! I sooooo love this movie! You know, with the singing heads, the bolang kristal and the whole shebang. I know you know it too!
After finishing my food I retouched and started preparing my area for filming. I filmed six reviews today. All long over-due. It went great! The daylight was perfect-o. I was finished before 5PM. That gave me time to convert the files to .wmv earlier. The internet completely froze! And SmartBro did it again. NO INTERNET THE WHOLE AFTERNOON+NIGHT. (I’m actually using Live Writer to write this blog as a draft and publish it tomorrow when I get to the mall)
While the files were converting, I decided to give myself some relaxing time. I went to bed and watched Julie and Julia on BlueRay. I freaaaaking love this movie. My sister Iza introduced me to this movie and I totally fell in love with it.  Basically it’s about food and blogging. You should totally watch it if you still haven’t. Before I could even finish the movie, I felt so sleepy, so I took a nap. julie_and_julia_ver2_xlg
When I woke up it was 9:15PM. Just in time for my workout. The internet was still not working—call center agent was no help at all. SmartBro is booked for the whole weekend and they freaking gave us the 14th of May for technical support. C’MON!!! THAT LONG?! Well it figures, since a couple of Smart Bro users are also having problems. And this is not the first time Smart Bro disappointed us. It’s a shame how people like Cecile van Straten, with just one complaint (through tweeting) about slow internet connection, is given immediate technical support (like with just a snap of a finger) but when it comes to ordinary people, they don’t give a fuck and make us wait.
I had the time to edit my first product review and went out to workout out whilst saving the file. I had no music on since I surprisingly wanted quiet workout time. I didn’t time myself as well, but I finished in about 40 minutes or so. Same old routine, the 600 Killer Reps Workout and exercises from Hip Hop Abs. I did not drink water during breaks—what I drank was a glass of milk! Hot milk! Crazy? Naaah. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been craving for milk for the past few days. I was out of milk before I could finish the whole session, but it was all good.
Shower for a good 15 minutes, dinner of oatmeal, and Kobe chicken. Does anybody else know about the Kobe chicken? If yes, you’re cool. (The only Kobe chicken outlet can be found in Cubao) Know what I’m talking about? Then, you’re cool.
I finished everything by midnight.
And now here I am, blogging using Live Writer. All to be saved as drafts tonight since internet connection’s fucked up. I still have about 3-4 entries to write about before I retire and sleep. I have to dispense thoughts to be able to have a good sleep. It’s a weird thing I’m sure some of the bloggers out there also have.
I still haven’t received any call from Globe about my plan, so I’ll be giving them a ring tomorrow. I’m expecting free movie passes since I submitted all the requirements in three hours prior to my call about three days ago.
So I think I told you about the online business I went into with my friend Krizel. I was supposed to finish a blog entry about it tonight, but the freaking internet died (how many times have I repeated this). So I totally have to make a draft on it and publish it at 10AM sharp tomorrow.ifex2011.93171520_std
As I am writing, it is 1:57AM. 3 minutes to 2:00AM. It’s going to be a busy day tomorrow, as well. I have to purchase gel soles to save my feet from blisters starting Thursday all the way to Saturday. Work starts soon! I’ll be working for Barrio Fiesta Manufacturing Corporation for the second time around. If, by any chance, you want to see me in person, I’ll be at the SMX Convention for the International Food Exhibition, Halls 1-4 from Thursday to Saturday. 9AM-8PM. I’ll be there for three days! It would be cool to meet readers [of my beauty blog, particularly. And people who watch my videos on YT] It’s always cool to meet people. Especially people who support you! So…I’m hoping people would drop by the BFMC stall. And I’m praying that my feet will hold up. Last year, my feet died. Imagine 11 hours everyday for 3 days—standing and walking in 4-5 inch heels. Hoo boy. All for work, baby. All for work.
So in about 8 hours, I’ll finally be able to go online with the use of the mall’s awesome free Wi-fi connection. So expect this entry to be published by 11:00AM.

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