Monday, 9 May 2011

Mum’s Day, Awesome Free Massage, Gelato, Typhoon

DSC01191May 8, 2011

Sunday is probably my favorite day of the week. You’d probably be freaking surprised that I woke up at 9:00AM today. You read that right! 9 freaking AM. Looks like my body clock is back on track! Woohoo. I had an hour to shower, do my hair and makeup and then head to church. So I pretty much skipped eating a decent first meal of the day,but I grabbed a cereal bar on my way out. We were kind of late for church, (5 minutes I guess) but it’s forgivable! Didn’t really like the priest who presided the mass. Every time he said “Lord”, I swear I heard “Lard”. I’m sorry, I’m really picky with priests! My favorites? Fr. Lino Nicasio & Fr. Marquez. They give the most awesome [and most understandable] homilies! If you’re wondering, I’m Catholic and I always go to Saint Jude Archdiocesan Shrine to hear mass. DSC01155After church we went to the mall like we always do. We usually eat first but Mama suggested we stroll around for awhile. We dropped by this massage place, “TaiChi Rub and Liniments”. Okay, it’s not actually a massage place but if you avail of their products, you get an awesome 15-minute massage for free! So let me brief you about TaiChi. You know, my Mama is a fan of rubs and such. This brand is what she uses whenever she feels body aches and pains. I don’t particularly love it, because of the smell. But it works perfectly well on aches, as I have said earlier.DSC01152DSC01159DSC01161I wasn’t planning on getting a massage but I ended up having one and MY GOODNESS, was it the best 15-minute back and head massage ever! I was made to sit (horseback-style) on this massage chair and the masseuse did her amazing work with her hands. It felt amazing. Well, I don’t really get massages since I’m not into those stuff. Like I’d rather get my nails done, or my hair done. I didn’t want the masseuse to put any oil on me, but she told me she had to, so she used the kiddie oil for me since I didn’t want anything stronger. When she got to my head, she rubbed this ginger rub on my forehead and I was like “Nooo!!!” Hahaha! C’mon, I was wearing makeup. But I totally enjoyed it. I walked out of there feeling like a new person.  I think I’ll pamper myself with massages more often. So rejuvenating! Here’s a snapshot of myself after getting the massage…DSC01168


DSC01200DSC01203After having the massage, we headed to Savory for late lunch. We’ve been eating at this place for YEARS! It’s my parents’ favorite. It never gets old. After all these years, Savory’s food is still the best. Here are the dishes we ordered:

Crab and Corn SoupDSC01179Savory Pancit CantonDSC01182Yang Chow Fried RiceDSC01183Savory Fried ChickenDSC01184

DSC01174DSC01175DSC01178DSC01192If you’re wondering where Papa was, he was at home watching the Pacquiao-Mosley fight.

After having lunch, I went to Toby’s to buy something (which I’ll be blogging about next). It’s workout-related. I so wanted to buy a kettlebell. But I’m saving it for some other shopping day. Kettlebells are so amazing. Think about all the exercises you can do with it. It’s the hottest thing right now.

Before heading home I decided to treat myself with some gelato from Caffe Ti Amo. I picked my favorite Milk Cheese and Dark Chocolate gelato. Only PHP 89.00, and they really stuff the cup with the gelato, so you get your money’s worth. DSC01205DSC01206DSC01208When we got home, it was already raining! I wanted to film a vlog but it just got darker and darker outside so I had to postpone it for another day. If you must know, I use natural daylight as my lighting for my YouTube videos. So without the sun, I cannot film. I hate filming under fluorescent lighting! HPIM2110I was able to take photos, though! I really love the floral hanging top that I wore today over a purple tank top. I curled my hair before taking this photo (see: below)—that reminds me, you know how I just recently colored my hair right? Well, just to remind you that I’ve been conditioning my hair twice everyday just to prevent drying. After curling my hair, it became awfully dry! Add hairspray on top of that, it became even drier! I’m in a hunt for hairsprays that cater to drying, color-treated hair.

HPIM2085My workout today took 42 minutes and 25 seconds. Aside from’s 600 Killer Reps workout, I added in HipHop Abs exercises which I used to do before I discovered Basically weight exercises which sculpt your tummy and your arms SO BEAUTIFULLY! I used to perform HipHop Abs workouts while watching it on DVD, ahhh I remember Shaun T.—the dude who led the workouts! I did HipHop Abs for days straight before and I was able to memorize all the counts and the steps. Pretty cool workout. Body Rock is just like 10 times more challenging. But both works amazingly well. I was able to sculpt my abs area with the help of HipHop Abs. That was way before I discovered BodyRock.TV.

Dinner was as usual, the usual. Oatmeal, a serving of a viand, and a glass of milk! I’ve been having milk every night for like 3-4 days now. Just a recent addition to my diet. Since my dietitian suggested I should take milk everyday for my bones, and considering I perform strenuous workouts everyday. Makes me sleep better, too!

Before I could publish my blog post about Saturday’s happenings, the electricity went haywire. Blackout throughout the whole night! Nothing left for me to do, so I just lied down on my bed and watched “The Others” on my laptop! Pretty scary, I know! But I LOVE IT! I was about to finish the movie, but then my laptop ran low on battery. It was 2AM then. So I had no choice but to sleep.

I pretty much had a good sleep, only I was awake for 15 minutes trying to sleep. I think it’s because of the pill which I took earlier (the one I mentioned a few paragraphs before) My sleep was interrupted by howling and ferocious winds, the electricity was out, and the room was closed to prevent mosquitos from sucking the blood out of us, but it was too hot so we had to open the windows. But then again the wind blew TOO STRONGLY and that caused the stack of DVD’s to topple over! When the morning came, the room looked ransacked. But of course with my magic hands and amaaaazing cleaning (OCD CLEANING), the room looked good as new. (Morning of May 9th)



  1. you look more mature than Luzy..or even Lady.

  2. Apol, I totally agree with you. :)
    Tricia, thank you so much!
    Anonymous, yeah I get that a lot. :) Can't be a bad thing, though.