Friday, 6 May 2011

Brown Hair in The Sun, Final Meeting, Tired Korean Pose

May 6, 2011 (written on May 7th)
I slept at 6:45AM of May 6th and woke up at 11:00AM because our dogs were raping each other. Remember my Mini Pinscher Princess? Yeah, she's female alright, but I always thought she was lesbo since she never wants to be humped by any other male dog UNTIL this morning. I can't believe they even thought of having sex without using protection! By the way, the male culprit is our really handsome puppy (who is growing bigger everyday). Cougar, my dog is. So I was awaken by the commotion and all the panting. And all my nerves just woke up. Didn't have any choice but to get up from bed!
Skipped breakfast. Grabbed two 85-calorie cereal bars on my way out to the meeting at BFMC. I was able to take a snapshot of how my hair color looks like out in the sun. I like it, but I have to work on volumizing my crown. This calls for a lotta teasing and hairspray. Also, my bangs are growing out. My makeup was simple today. Lipstick is from Revlon called 'Pink About It'. Had some eyeliner on (extended a bit more); had to put on white eyeliner on the waterline to look more awake.
 Gorgeous shade of brown. #3 Natural Brown by Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring
So on the way to BFMC inside the train, a few text messages made me so happy. Talk about good luck. Something to look forward to this coming twenty-first of May. Will officially blog about it later on. I personally think it's so cool how people meet people. I mean regarding work and stuff. Don't you ever think how incredible it is that the world is so small and like how everyone is interconnected with each other somehow? Well, I do. I'm the weirdo. But it's the truth.
Here I am at the usual conference room (stocked up with boxes of BFMC products). We were made to wait for about 4 hours. And the meeting took 20 minutes. I wasted my whole afternoon when I could've filmed a couple of reviews instead. Le sigh.
I was with my sister Lady and our friend Hannah (others couldn't make it). What we talked about while waiting was diet, health, food, calculating BMI's and the likes. Hannah is taking up Food Tech @ UST, by the way. That explains why she can do all those stuff. We talked about my diet, what I eat...etc. Basically I'm all normal--normal BMI, normal weight, normal everything. Except that I lean in too much on sugar and salt. So I might have to give attention to that. 
 Imagine how bored we were. Took snapshots away!

Let me introduce you to my TIRED KOREAN POSE. 
 At around 4:15 the "meeting" finally started. And that took 20 minutes. And we were allowed to go. Funny, huh. I starved for 4 hours, man. So guess what I ate before going home...
McDonald's Crispy Chicken Sandwich, coke float and regular fries. 
Whose fault is it? Mine. Shouldn't have skipped breakfast. Never again.
Did the 600 Killer Reps Workout. Took me freaking 36 minutes and 25 seconds. TOO LONG! I tried to perfect my push-ups, that's why. And I am sooooo getting there. 
Dinner! Oatmeal, pinakbet and Momma's chicken curry with eggs. Oh and a cup of milk. (as suggested by my future dietitian, Hannah) Cereal bars always get me. I have to get rid of them, really.
I was able to upload my collective haul video in YT today and I'm sensing that some people don't want hauls with pricey stuff. Well, I don't really know what to say. The lighting was bad as well. Y'see I filmed towards sunset. And it was 36 degrees that day. I'll do good on my next. I have a couple of products to review.
It's 4:42AM and I have to get up in 6 hours just in time for lunch with my team mates. We'll be catching a movie as well! Too bad I'll miss swimming with my sisters and Hannah! If only I could be in two places at once.
Everything else that I have not mentioned, will be tomorrow.

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