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Greenhills, Work, Banana Leaf Asian Cafe, Happy Lemon, My Stolen Phone

DSC01073L-R: Tiffany, Danika, Agnes, Jill, Say

May 7, 2011 (Saturday)
ave I ever told you how close I am to my volleyball teammates from Saint Jude Catholic School? We're actually from three different batches and we've been friends for years! We've been to thousands (okay, just exaggerating) of volleyball games together, out-of town trips, lunches, dinners, parties and many more! I actually consider them my sisters. We meet whenever our schedules permit, especially now that we're all in college and the others are already working. Time flies so fast!

DSC01045DSC01050What we ate one. No plates, banana leaves instead.

DSC01048We agreed on having lunch last Saturday. The others were not able to make it due to internships, duties, and other matters. It was only myself, Jill, Tiffany, Agnes and Danika. I was about 15 minutes late (or longer) since I spent too much time doing my makeup--hahaha! When I arrived, we went to Banana Leaf Asian Cafe to have lunch together.
Let me breeze through the food that we ordered:
DSC01054Roti Canai Supreme (Cheese)
According to my research (a.k.a Google) Roti Canai is a flatbread found in Malaysia.
Reminds me of [cheese quesadilla]. Perfect light taste.
DSC01056Roti Canai Supreme (Banana)
This one has banana instead of cheese. Tastes as well as the cheese one.
DSC01053Deep Fried Pandan Chicken
Chicken chunks wrapped in pandan leaves--reminds me of my momma's cooking.
Nothing too special for me.
DSC01062Pad Thai - Thai Style
My absolute favorite. PAD THAI!!! I first tasted pad thai @ ThaiPan during the Myra E Launching Party and I never got over it. I love this dish. Perfect!
Although I find ThaiPan's Pad Thai better-tasting.
DSC01063Stir-fried Clams in Thai Style Curry
Ahhhh! New-found favorite! Such a perfect dish! The spiciness of the curry is just right! The sauce itself makes a good partner for rice! The clams were warmly welcomed by my mouth. I just love this too much not to eat it again.
DSC01064Sweet and Sour Pork
Nothing special but this tastes good!
DSC01067(So I forgot to take a photo of the rice dish we ordered, so this one would have to compensate for it)
Penang Fried Rice with Salted Fish and Chicken
The rice was too tasty to ignore. So I had a few servings. The salted fish and chicken stood out. Perfect taste.
DSC01071To view the menu of Banana Leaf Asian Cafe, click on this link. We all ordered water since we went for milk tea a few hours after lunch.
After having lunch, we went to stroll around the shopping center. I eyed on a couple of pieces but wasn't able to purchase anything since they don't accept cards (and I have not withdrew any cash from my account yet) When we decided to go for milk tea @ Happy Lemon, we happened to pass by an ATM machine. So I was able to withdraw and decided to go shopping after having milk tea instead of going back right then and there.

DSC01082DSC01083DSC01084DSC01092DSC01095DSC01096DSC01102DSC01103DSC01106Happy Lemon always makes me happy. No pun intended, really. I ordered my usual, Oreo Cookies and Cream Milk Tea! We didn't stay too long in line, but there was this couple in front of us who took so long to choose what they want to order! They were asking for suggestions and explanations from the Happy Lemon person, like, geez woman, why didn't you ask BEFORE you reached the counter. They took like 15 minutes. And I was done ordering in like 25 seconds. DSC01108DSC01110DSC01113DSC01114DSC01115All seats were taken, but luckily this large group of friends left as I was getting out of the line. I quickly grabbed the area and gave the other people this "these seats are taken!" look. Hahaha. We spent a good two-three hours @ Happy Lemon.DSC01118DSC01119DSC01124DSC01126Remember how I said time flies by too fast? I just realized how we're growing too old already! We used to talk about petty things, studies and the likes, but now we talk about careers, jobs, work, money,... and marriage even! Gaaaah! It was so much fun catching up with my teammates, although we're not complete. I just love talking to them because these people know me inside out. They're the realest people you can ever meet. Hello, we've known each other for almost 8 years? 9 years? Cool, right? It's really so heartwarming to find out what is happening in our lives. I personally think that even until the day we have children, we'd all still be wonderful friends.
It was around past 5 when Jill already had to go. Agnes had to head to the gym, while Danika, Tiffany and I went back to the shopping center to look around again.
DSC01133The first thing I bought is this floral hanging top. Cost me PHP 100.00. And I lost PHP 900.00. How? Well, I was taking a photo of it and I forgot that I slid my phone on the freaking side pocket of my bag. And the other side was in front of me, so while I was taking the photo, some fucking thief must've seen my phone and snatched it from my bag! I freaking swear it was a girl. I wasn't in a crowded place, take note! AND THEN THERE WAS THIS WOMAN WHO LIKE, LOOKED AT MY DIRECTION (I could see it from my peripheral view) but I thought she just wondered what I was doing. So paid no attention to her. I made my purchase and we continued walking around.
I realized it was 6PM so I decided to text my Momma. To my horror when I couldn't find my freaking phone in my jungle bag! I panicked for a while, and we stopped to look for it inside my bag but to no avail. Tiffany tried calling it, it rang the first few times but after a few minutes the call couldn't be reached anymore. I was like FUCKING HELL. And then it all rushed to me... MY CONTACTS. MY CLIENTS. MY PROFESSORS' NUMBERS. OMG. I kept swearing like what the fuuuuuck. Imagine, it was a Nokia phone which only cost PHP 900.00 (the cheap extra phone material one) and it still got freaking stolen. LIKE WHAT THE HELL, WOMAN. I rarely splurge on phones since I don't text much! But come on, MY CONTACTS! And I have messages in there from way back in 2008!!! IMPORTANT AND SENTIMENTAL MESSAGES! Geez. So I was like “F*ck!” for a good 3 hours before it sank in that I'm never gonna get it back ever. My precious sim card...I will miss you. You've been my friend for over 5 years. I still hope I find you someday...
After the stealing incident, I totally lost the will to shop. From a level of 10 it dropped to a negative 1. We hailed a cab and headed home... Tiffany and Danika tried to comfort me by saying that it was a good great thing that my wallet wasn't taken. MY CAMERA TOO! I swear I'd CLOSE ALL THE EXITS IN GREENHILLS AND MAKE PEOPLE LINE UP AND HAVE THEIR FREAKING BAGS CHECKED IF IT WERE MY CAMERA THAT WAS STOLEN. NO KIDDING. So I'm pretty thankful it was only my phone. But still. The sim card... What can I do... Nada. Fuck you, thief. Just in case you get to read this.
So please ignore any messages from this number 09157021274. Probably the lowlife thief who couldn't afford a cheap phone. This happened for a reason. I'm letting go.
Upon arriving home, I had like an hour to bitch about what happened and then I stopped. I called Globe and applied for a plan. Le sigh, this means more bills for the next two months!
Speaking of the plan, I was able to be guided through the process by this really patient call center agent. He was insisting I made the sign up through the hotline so I said okay. I was able to submit the requirements within 3 hours (ID, Proof of Billing Address, and Statement of Account) I felt like such a grown up doing all this shit. So the submission was made through the internet, so, less hassle. Right now I'm just waiting for two more days for the approval. 
Oh well, this was a great day. Except for the fact that I lost my phone with my precious sim card. Nevertheless, I am very grateful that I am alive. Like, hell, the thief could've stabbed me or something, right?

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