Thursday, 19 May 2011

Fast Five, Vin Diesel, Shakey’s, Gelato

May 19, 2011  Today I went to the movies with my good friend Lareina. We watched the 11:00AM showing of Fast Five—and I have four words for it: “Vin Diesel is hot.” I can’t stop thinking about him! His voice is too sexy to forget. April told me how “too muscly” Vin is in the movie—but I think that’s what makes him so hot! Plus, he’s bald! I find bald men attractive nowadays... Is bald even the right word? Should I say “skin head” instead? Ahhh…whatever the term is—some men with no hair are hot. Dwayne was too muscly as well, but I didn’t find him hot. It’s just Vin, really. The girls were freaking hot, too!
My conscience killed  me for having popcorn and iced tea for breakfast.  Didn’t have the chance to have oatmeal before leaving the house because I was running late! Lar and I agreed on meeting at exactly 10:15AM. But I left home at 10:35. Good thing she was kinda  late, too! DSC01729This particular happening is not even worth mentioning, but this guy who was seated beside Lar freaking touched himself towards the end of the movie! We were mortified! Well, we didn’t see it, but we could tell he was at it! Like freaking hell no… We were about to stand up and sit someplace else. But after like, 5 minutes the freaking weirdo stood up and walked away… Lar was like at the far left of her seat trying to get as far away from the weirdo as possible. I was totally going to call the usher already. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM! Was it the movie? Fast Five? Really? Come on. DSC01733After the movie, we went to have late lunch @ Shakey’s. We cam-whored while waiting for the food and while eating, too. (Taken using my laptop’s webcam, so pardon the quality)111111-vertThis photo is soooo funny since we didn’t notice the waiter back there. And will you just look at my expression?! I wonder what the waiter was thinking… Hahahaha!2011-05-19 14-11-59I forgot the name of the meal that I ordered, but it had a piece of chicken, salad, mojos and a slice of pizza. Tasted fine, but nothing too extraordinary. I didn’t feel full full after eating, which is actually good. The chicken was okay, the mojos were okay, the salad was yummy considering the dressing was mmmmm…and the pizza was good! I think this whole meal cost PHP132.00 only. DSC01753DSC01747
DSC01742DSC01745After having lunch, we went to Caffe Ti Amo for gelato. I ordered Chocolate and Vanilla (left). Lar enjoyed her Tiramisu and Blueberry Cheesecake (right). DSC01760DSC01761Catching up with Lar was totally fun. We never really fail to meet once in a while! I’ve known her for almost 9 years now; she’s been my partner in our volleyball team for sooooo long! Almost like a sister, too!
She had to leave for a training at around 4PM. Our last stop was @ The French Baker—bought home some Pain Au Chocolat for my sister Iza.
By the way I just got my new mobile number! Will be posting (for clients) it soon.

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