Thursday, 19 May 2011

Up For Muscle Torture—forever

I was torturing myself working out earlier and I told myself it was worth blogging about. I started at 10:00PM—pretty late, huh? Well, it’s built in me this way. The earliest I workout is usually at 8; the latest at 10. I’ll be attending a fitness event in about 12 hours and I wanted to really work my ass last night. I decided to do two BodyRock workouts. Uh-huh, two! I’m that crazy—and I’m glad I am.
First workout: My Buns Hurt Workout
I needed to use the Tabata Clock for this workout. You can download it here. This workout is pure torture for your legs, thighs, and buns—I’m not even kidding. So brace yourself for about 12 minutes (+/- depending on your performance for the 1st and 3rd round) of pain. You see that puking clown right on the side of the timer? You’d be in soooo much tolerable pain that you’d want to punch him in the face—so better not look at all. I always modify the workouts especially if I don’t have the equipment or the move is just too difficult. So here’s the My Buns Hurt Workout…modified:
  1. Do 40 reps of this routine—squat, lunge back while bringing both your arms at the back of your head (both hands with 2-pound dumbbells), go back to the squat, then lift the same leg sideward. Alternate the legs. So you’ll be doing 20 each. *By the 10th rep you’d feel your legs burn—but don’t you stop. Just keep going and going and going… I always push for continuous 40 reps. If I somehow need a short break, I stop at 20. ALWAYS HALFWAY. If I stop at like the 19th rep, I punish myself by doing an extra rep. (You’re discovering how crazy OC I am now.) It’s always been this way. Time yourself! So my record last night was 2 minutes and 52 seconds.
  2. Second exercise, you need to set your clock for 12 rounds of 5 seconds and 15 seconds interval. So on the Tabata clock, you set WORK: 15, REST: 5, ROUNDS: 12. Just click START. You’ll be given 10 seconds “getting ready” time. And then you’re going to do this for the next 15 seconds: Jump your feet apart, together, apart, then jump high then down to the half squat position—do this over and over for 15 seconds. (1,2,3, jump) Keep your legs in the squat position all the time! Keep it low for maximum results! The next 5 seconds is for your break. It’s not really sufficient, but who said it should be? This is wonderful torture, baby! Suck it up! Finish all 12 rounds. I normally slow down on my 8th round. But speed up towards the end. Feel your legs burn.
  3. Third exercise is the one I modified the most—Do 20 reps of this routine: squat, reach for the floor with both hands, turn your body over (position would be your body facing upward), and then kick up 5 times (alternating legs) Kick fast and continuously. After 5 kicks, turn around to the other side and kick 5 again. Finish 20 reps. I finished in  2 minutes and 36 seconds.  Your arms would kind of hurt too in this exercise—so build up those muscles!
  4. Last exercise…always the hardest. Set your clock for 12 rounds of 10 WORK and 10 REST. You won’t be resting though. Both 10 seconds are for continuous sweat-dripping torture. Do 12 rounds of this—10 seconds of continuous lunges and then 10 seconds of continuous mountain climbers. Regular lunges, then go down, “climb the mountain”, step your feet rapidly for maximum results. Listen to Britney’s Till The World Ends song—it’s perfect for this particular exercise. You’d wanna go with the tune. I would normally be saying “Shit.” by my 5th round—it’s that’ difficult. But come on, push hard!!! When you finish 12 rounds, fall on the floor and breathe! It’ll feel wonderful!
I hope that was understandable! Go to the link of the workout itself if you want no modifications. So after this workout, I rested for 5 minutes, drank water and then proceeded to my next workout… I was dripping with sweat and the adrenaline rush was undeniable. 280188936Second workout: 600 Killer Reps Workout
You just need a regular timer (stopwatch) for this. Just time yourself from start to finish. Continuously. In my case it includes my short dancing in between and my 3-second water breaks. This is called the 600 Killer Reps since you will be doing 60 reps of 10 different exercises.
  1. 60 reps of Burpees with Calve Raise*(see:link above) My change in this routine: I don’t raise my calves, I jump high instead—makes it more difficult, but fun)
  2. 60 reps of One Leg Push-Ups (alternate legs) I do man push-ups. Knees off the floor.
  3. 60 reps of Lunges (alternate legs) Do it continuously!
  4. 60 reps of One Leg Jump (lunge back, bring your knee to your chest while jumping) 30/30 per leg.
  5. 60 reps of Dead Man Lifts (My modification, I just stand on one leg, then “pulse/pump down” Touch the floor for 30 reps without losing my balance. 30/30 per leg. When I lose my balance, I start all over again. I want it perfect!
  6. 60 reps of Tricep Dip (Down on the floor like a table, with your body facing upward. Bring your triceps down while kicking one leg upward. Alternate legs. Your triceps with burn—I tell you! You abs will also be working here.)
  7. 60 reps of Prisoner Squats (Put your arms at the back of your head, and start full-squatting.) 60 reps—no cheating! THIS EFFECTIVELY TIGHTENS THE BUNS AND MAKES THE THIGHS LOOK LEANER! YOU WILL LOSE ALL THAT UGLY CELLULITE TOO!
  8. 60 reps of Chest Lift
  9. 60 reps of Crunches with Leg Extensions (extension of the legs makes it twice as difficult) I never stop whenever I want. I stop halfway—or punish myself with an additional rep.
  10. 60 reps of Over the Chair Kick (30/30 per leg; imagine a chair in front of your, and just kick over it)
I finished the whole workout in 26 minutes and 11 seconds.
All in all, last night’s workout took 36 minutes and 59 seconds.
After working out, I hit the shower right away (I don’t believe in pasma) Nothing feels more rejuvenating than a refreshing shower after a great workout! Believe me, it won’t feel like torture when you wake up—maybe a few aches here and there, but you’ll feel strong and sexy and lean! It’s the best feeling!
Move your asses! Those calories aren’t going to burn themselves/self-destruct!
P.S. Compete with yourself. You’re totally going to gain from it.

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