Friday, 13 May 2011

IFEX 2011 (Day 1 and 2), Killer Heels, and Everything Else

As I type this entry, it is May 13th (Friday). Day 2 of IFEX has ended. One more day to go and I’m done! I say this with pure honesty, I fucking hate wearing heels. I don’t hate heels in general, but if we talk about wearing heels for 11 hours straight —kill me instead.
Day 1 of 3: IFEX 2011DSC01247Snapshot before changing into my uniform.DSC01250Brown is totally not my color.
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I woke up at 6:00AM sharp, took a quick shower, did my hair (hair of the day: worn down wavy), did my makeup, and headed out to pick up co-workers by 7:30AM. What I forgot to bring: my handkerchief—of all the things I could forget. Arrived at the SMX quite early. Booth was still being set up. I was wearing [4-inches] heeled open toe boots—and two layers of gel soles inside. I was pretty confident my feet would hold up till nighttime. But let me tell you this, I freaking wasted PHP 347.00 on those gel soles. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY FUCKING WORTHLESS. If they truly function like all those things they say on the back of the product wrapper, then why couldn’t I feel my feet at the end of the day? It was literally torture. To walk around, still smile at the customers even though inside you’re crying for your feet.
I consumed 2,635mg of calcium during Day 1. There was this Anlene booth giving away Anlene Concentrate tetra packs (I LOVE THOSE!!!) I sipped on them all daaaay long. Plus, the dude who was manning the booth was freaking h-o-t. Not that hot, but he looked pretty awesome. Fit. Well, considering Anlene is a brand for women, it was quite unsurprising that they had a handsome model to entertain customers. Anlene is not at all cheap  compared to regular milk for women, but we were able to get 4 packs (in 1 box) each, courtesy of the hot dude I mentioned earlier.
Free tastes everywhere! Had servings of that yummy pancit malabon (or whatever that was), polvoron, BFMC’s bagoong and green mango, pancit canton, that yummy and healthy Spirulina shake, some awesome tasting Instant Rice, Hero’s hot dog, Lily’s chocolate peanut butter on pastriesssss..mmm mmm mmm! We’re not counting calories, okay? Don’ But c’mon, I did not eat like a pig. I ate like a normal person—for once.
Attending to the customers was pretty cool, just like last year’s IFEX. Photo ops, small chitchats…you know the drill. Most of the time, my silence and smiling means “Go away, I don’t wanna talk to you anymore.” I wish I could’ve pulled off a few Jenna faces on some of the customers, but I didn’t dare—else get my ass fired. We didn’t have much you-know-what’s during Day 1. Everyone was pretty respectful, some were straightforward, but still manageable. When you work this job, you just have to get through the day. Just freaking smile and hang in there!!! Especially regarding the heels. Pay day is two days away…
For lunch, we walked to the Mall of Asia and ate @ Karate Kid. I had Toridon which had freaking evil rice…but I ate it anyway. Who cares?! (Inner me: I do, bitch!)
After lunch was again, work work work. My feet were already dead by that time. And I knew that I’ll be burying them that night.
When 7PM struck, we finally packed up and went home. On the way home, I just dozed off in the car. When I got home, I had dinner (oatmeal, fish, chicken, potatoes) and went to bed to relax. Did I miss anything? OF COURSE I DID! I didn’t workout. I am so disappointed at myself. I just had to skip working out since my legs were about to break off! WHO, in their right mind, would still workout with murdered feet? My mind was telling me, okay you have to workout, eat, and then go to sleep. You can do it, you can do it. But my body was, c’mon bitch, eat and just go to sleep. I can’t fucking function anymore. I’m gonna shut down on you, really. FOR ONCE, I HAD TO LISTEN TO MY BODY. I cannot risk it. So I fell asleep on the bed—and luckily woke up at 2AM! I was thinking, oh my goodness what time is it? I haven’t charged my camera battery yet so I got out from bed, charged the freaking thing, and went back to sleep.
BTW, internet connection still fucked up, so I wasn’t able to go online. No tweets, no updates, no chatting, no checking the email, no anything. All I wanted was to sleep and somehow alleviate the numbness and pain that I was feeling on my legs and feet.
Craziest lines I heard today:
“Buy one take you?”
Day 2 of 3: IFEX
May 13, 2011 (Friday the 13th) Checked my planner and I see that it’s Kathy’s birthday!!! I miss you Kathy! Happy happy birthday! It sucks that I can’t talk to you, nor text you. Since the net’s fucked up and my phone was stolen (as you know) and I don’t have your freaking number. :( Love you Kathy!
DSC01292Woke up at 7:00AM—to my horror. That gave me 1 hour and 30 minutes to prepare. Skipped breakfast. Went to shower. Took a long time to dress up. Took a long time to finish with my makeup. Didn’t do my hair at all, I just wore it down—looking so lifeless and flat (blech) and headed out the door by 8:45AM. Late, I know! Call time’s at 9AM, but whatever—we got there on time. I wore wedge boots today and one layer of that useless gel soles. Yeah, they were still useless today. My feet were already hurting after 4 hours or so. I think it’s the standing for 11 hours, really. DSC01298DSC01297
DSC01309What sucked today was walking around and around, offering your products to people, and them talking to you for a good 10 minutes making it seem like they’ll be buying, but in the end, find out that all they wanted was to see you up close. I really have to sharpen my marketing skills.
Had Hero Hot Dog on Rice for lunch—PHP 35.00 and was totally not worth it. Yes, I ate rice because there weren’t any oatmeal around—cooked, that is.
Pretty cool day today. Worked my ass off with the sampling. Believe me.
Time went by pretty slowly… Still the same people, with new ones. The press and media were also present! Huge booms and video cameras rolled by. I heard they’re going to air the event in Unang Hirit for GMA. If you see me, it’s just either I’m busy with the samples, or I’m looking like I’m standing in PAIN.
Craziest lines I’ve heard today:
Miss, para kang diwatang galing sa langit!” (with Nikki telling me “May diwata ba sa langit?”)
Kamusta ka naman diyan sa taas, Miss? Tangkad mo kasi eh!”
Le sigh. Boys will be boys. ALWAYS WILL BE.
About 15 minutes before closing time, I had to sell Chef Avenue’s bread—all for buy 1 take 1. Pretty low prices, and I was able to sell them all! Of course with the help of a little persuasion. Felt amazing to sell out. Too bad it’s for Chef Avenue, not for BFMC.
Free tastes today: Lily’s chocolate peanut butter spread, 2,108mg of calcium from 4 packs of Anlene (YUMMM—no hot model anymore, their model today looked pretty average) lots of green mangoes with bagoong, singkamas with bagoong, Papa Boy’s Pancit Canton, etc… More mmmmmmm…but yeah I did not eat like a pig, like I said.
Today I realized how much I love BFMC’s SWEET BAGOONG. I don’t normally eat bagoong, but I never realized it tasted soooo good!
Sir Alvin, Sir Vonn, Kuya Felix and the other cool guys from BFMC always made the day more happy and exciting!
Got home at around 8:30, skipped working out again—totally understandable, still no internet tonight. It’s 11:32PM as of the moment. I’ll be sleeping in 5 minutes. Still no word from Globe, and I fucking need a phone as soon as the week starts next week. Tomorrow will be the last day of IFEX and I’m sure about one thing—I’ll be wearing Chucks. No kidding, bitch.
On Sunday, I’ll be at the PFW with my sisters and friends. Can’t wait to check the L’Oreal lounge up there! The IFEX and PFW is held at the same venue, different floors.
I’m hoping to be fully back online by Sunday.
I miss talking to Booben! I miss my blog. I hate offline blogging—although it makes everything more easier and seem more live, per se, since my mind is still fresh from everything that has happened and I am able to blog about it right away, although only as a draft.
Faulkner’s Lullaby playing on my list…guess that’s my cue to sleep now.
I’ll be up by 4AM, I have to curl my hair again. Here’s to Day 3 of IFEX!

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