Monday, 16 May 2011

Last Day of IFEX 2011

As I am typing, it is 6:48PM of March 16th. This is, again, one of those offline blog entries I do when the internet connection is messed up. True enough, the connection’s been cut again today. Smart Bro has gone too far. DSC01331Last day of IFEX 2011. I woke up quite early, 5:50AM to be precise. I showered, had breakfast, and had two whole hours to do my hair and my makeup. I curled my hair like the first day’s since I always love the volume it gives. My hair disappointed me during the second day—straight is not at all fun, sometimes. Final outfit was the orange tank top, and the Forever21 high-waisted black shorts my sister lent me. Ohhh and I did not wear boots/heels like I mentioned in my IFEX Day 1 & 2 post—I wore Chuck Taylors instead! And was it the best decision I’ve done. I wish I wore it for the first two days. I literally lasted all day! And my productivity went up to 90%; I walked all around the venue! Felt like I could do it all my life.DSC01352Since it was the final day, it was pretty fun. I don’t know why, but the last days are always fun. It’s also when we get paid—probably the reason!

The morning was okay. Lunch went great, didn’t sit down for a decent meal, but roamed around for free tastes! And boy, did we get filled up. By the time we were back in the booth, I was already feeling so full and ready to work some more!

An IFEX Organizer, who happens to recognize me (since we’re from the same school, same building) came over to say hi. I honestly did not know him, but he looks like a Thomasian to me. Pretty great! He’s from a batch higher than mine, and I guess we’ll be seeing each other come the school year.

I worked on the sampling the longest. Scooping and preparing the Papa Boy’s Pancit Canton samples for everyone passing by. It was quite crazy since people were already crowding and I haven’t even filled up one cup yet. Aside from all the craziness, I really had fun. People from the lollipop stall came to sell some lollies and I bought 4 for PHP 30.00. The one I got was quite big since inside, it has a ball of gum. I started eating it, but then it felt soooo weird—it was too big! And you know how green-minded people can be… My co-workers kept laughing at me coz I was covering my mouth while I was eating it. I had co-workers who were gay, and Kuya Felix laughed his head off, literally! Gooooood, it felt soooo embarrassing I wished I didn’t eat it that moment. It grew smaller after 30 minutes, so it was all good. It was just a really funny incident, though. I always thought of lollipops are too…uhhh…I don’t know. I’m never having one again. DSC01384My mom came at around 4:30PM and I treated her with a rice meal from Chef Avenue, the booth beside us, and the sister company of BFMC Mftg. Corp. I introduced her to all the people that I worked with that day and ordered the Bopis Rice Meal for her. I actually told them to tell my mom that it was on the house, but I paid for it in reality. The Bopis tastes soooo damn delicious (I got a few tastes out of it) that around 5, I ordered my own meal! DSC01392DSC01387I chose the Pininyahang Manok (Chicken with Pineapples). Who cooked it? Well, Chef Avenue’s Head Chef Carlos. (The guy on my right in the photo above) I swear, the dishes tasted sooooooo fucking amaaaaazzzing. And to top it all off, the rice they use is Dinorado—almost porridge-y but not quite. So soft, and tender and hot. Mmmmm….so damn delicious I tell you. I’m sounding like a starved person, but I just want to put the yumminess into words—which is clearly not possible. It was actually kind of funny because I kept saying “Mmmm!” over and over after each bite. I totally love Chef Avenue. Sir Vonn actually owns it (guy on my left in the photo above. At around 6:30PM we roamed around to shop, since the stalls will be closing soon and we wanted to bring home some of the yummy eats around there. I bought Pinky’s Goodies’ Butterscotch bars which tasted soooooooo chewyyyy like heaven, and oatmeal cookies; Trail Mix nuts which are perrrrfect for healthy snacking, and Atchara from Camiguin (totally did not plan on buying this, but I guess my mom would like it). Didn’t want to spend too much. I wasn’t able to try that Goat Milk Ice Cream I’ve been meaning to try since IFEX 2010! Oh well, maybe next year!

Egress started at around 7, and we were all packing up. Before that, we went ahead to help sell Chef Avenue’s bread, again. WE SOLD OUT ONCE MORE! There was this Pan de Lechon (lechon shaped bread) and it was the last thing they wanted me to sell, since it’s the only thing left in there. Price was brought down to PHP 200.00. I haven’t even left the stall, and this lady passed by, saw it, and bought it! Easy transaction, huh?It felt so wonderful receiving the payment for the three days of killer work! And on top of that, we received a bag from BFMC including a huge car shade, a pack of pancit canton, the mixes, a fan, etc…just like last year!

We all said our goodbye’s and it was all finally over.DSC01395I fucking hate how I returned my ID to the receptionist! Shouldn’t have done that!!! I forgot that it was already for my keeping—dumb bitch (me) thought I had to give it back!

It was great to be back home… but not to see my desk all messed up! I didn’t have the energy to move, all I wanted to do was sleep! I had dinner, went online for a few minutes, and then slept at around 12++MD. Had to get up for church the next morning, and not to mention the last day of Philippine Fashion Week.


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