Thursday, 12 May 2011

Gelato and Waffles, Booben, Player HateHer, Nutella

May 11, 2011 The Afternoon in the Cafe
I was ready to head out by 9:10AM but I went back to lie down on the bed since my sister was still sleeping so I continued watching Julie and Julia on Blue Ray. True enough, I fell fast asleep after a few minutes—felt kind of sleepy, you know. Woke up at 11:30AM, just in time for me and my sister to head to the mall.
First thing I did was buy the gel soles. Spent PHP 374.50 all in all—it’s an allowable purchase anyway. I’m going to need it tomorrow till Saturday. After that quick stop @ Watsons, I headed to Caffe Ti Amo to start all my work online.
I published four entries one after the other for my personal blog, put up one review in my YouTube channel, and blogged about two reviews in my beauty blog; I was also able to publish the entry for AllAunthenticItems in our online store. I could’ve done more, but the connection seems to have gone haywire—and YouTube went whacko. Audio and video wasn’t matching in my second review upload. It was 100% and already viewable, but I just had to delete since who the fuck would want to watch a video that seems to be kind of a pirated DVD from Quiapo?
It was lovely being able to chat with April, and Joanne—you know the usual updating. I’m soooo excited for April’s arrival this July. Soooo excited. Pearl (of Dollface Cosmetics) and I have also already set up a date for dinner when she comes to Manila; Ralph will be there, as well—so that’s another thing to look forward to! Booben was also online—well thank goodness he was. I always get a good laugh because of him. Was telling him about this dude sitting on the table across mine, how he looked hot on the side, but not up front and how he looks gay and whatever. Hahaha. You should’ve seen Booben roll his eyes. This guy is totally funny. Actually, the first thing he told me when we chatted was, “I was reading your blog…=p” Hahaha! Well, it’s cool to have readers—like people are actually interested in my personal life. He said he’d actually read this blog instead of my beauty blog. Well of course, he’s a guy with 0% interest in makeup. Just airplanes. We’d hopefully be meeting, too this year! I’m actually scheduled to meet a lot of people this year. Angie is coming to town in June—and I am sooooo excited to see her. I won’t make any formal introduction on who these people I’m talking about are because they deserve a full entry, you know? An entry just for them alone.
What I had in Caffe Ti Amo: Caramelized Fig and Yogurt Flavored Yogurt- “caramelized fig” sounded totally weird to me, but this totally tasted so freaking yummy. DSC01217Four Cheese Savory Waffle- imagine, a waffle for one, filled with cheese. Mmmm….mm! That’s butter on the side.DSC01218DSC01219I stayed in Caffe Ti Amo for 4 freaking hours, and I had to order another waffle just to extend my stay a little longer…so I ordered another Four Cheese Savory Waffle. Pfoe* like Booben says it, never really understood what it meant but I’m pretty sure it’s something like “Hoo boy!” or something.
Had to walk out of the cafĂ© to walk around, Booben came along; and the second review was still uploading so I couldn’t close the lid of the laptop. But the internet got cut when I got in the supermarket, so I went to McDonald’s to have a freaking burger just to resume everything.
Well Youtube stopped working alright, and I was there eating a burger in front of my laptop. That was the first time I ever felt so conscious eating a burger. Ruub even told me how slow I was at eating it. I bet he can eat it all in 5 seconds. Hahaha and I bet he’ll be reading this as well! Hi Ruub! You told me how you can handle being blogged about, so there you go.
Since it was almost 5:00PM, I wanted to go home. The mall was too packed to enjoy walking in… Too many nosy people, too. Yeah, nosy and noisy.
When I got home, I watched Glee and The Tyra Banks Show! Tyra had an interesting topic! It’s about friends hating on each other. There’s actually a book about it, and these women are called PLAYER HATEHERS. Get it? Hate-her’s. Hahah it was too enjoyable to watch. Made me remember about a few stuff.playerhateher3Are YOU a player hateher? Find out in here.
Took a nap again and I woke up at around 8PM.
Nutella on bread is the most evil thing in the world. I seriously think I have a bad case of indigestion…as I am writing this it is 9:23PM. My tummy is aching sooo sooo bad. Must be the gelato, the waffles, the burger…and Nutella on bread. Pfoe*! Hahahaha.
I am drinking hot milk right now. But the pain’s not going away…
I just checked my planner, and all my eating is explainable. I’m on my PMS week! This is why I frigging hate being a woman sometimes. Good thing I always workout every single day…makes it more forgivable for me to snack on junk—but not too much of course.
I’m not saying I’m fat, (and be flipped off by Ruub, again, for saying so) but somehow, when you’ve experienced being 170 pounds—somehow it never gets off of you, you know? I don’t know, maybe it’s just the way it is. I’ve shed all the excess weight already, but I still feel fat. It’s a feeling!
So… I have to go workout now. Almost 9:30PM. And work starts tomorrow! I’ll be doing my hair tonight ‘coz there is absolutely no way I’ll be able to finish doing it tomorrow morning. It has to be done tonight.
I hope I meet wonderful people tomorrow at the first day of the IFEX. And I’m praying my feet holds up.

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