Monday, 16 May 2011

Sunday Church, Philippine Fashion Week 2011

May 16, 2011 (Sunday)
Woke up at 9:05AM today, went to shower right away and got ready for the Sunday mass. It was only myself, my momma and my sister Iza who attended church today. It was the very first time I felt so damn sleepy during mass. It was once again the priest who pronounces “Lord” as “Lard”. I kept drinking coconut juice (which my mum bought from IFEX) throughout the whole mass because I felt so thirsty, I don’t know why. We were home by 11, and I had lunch before preparing for the Philippine Fashion Week. DSC01564I chose to wear a blue Forever21 dress, a military jacket, and pink heels that was given to me by Paulo. I should remember not to wear anything flowy ever again. I looked horrible in most photos today—and to think L’Oreal’s photographer took three shots of us! I should’ve worn something body-hugging. All my workout actually gives me a good curvy shape. So I really must remember to emphasize it and not try to cover it.
We were actually kind of 10-15 minutes late for the 1:00 show so we had to take the seats at the back. Not really a great spot for taking photos but we managed to. DSC01405DSC01565
Here are some of the photos from the Grand Allure Collection:
Albert AndradaDSC01446Gerswin Qua (Shoes by: Rusty Lopez)- I particularly loved this collection because it’s all red, the the head pieces are just gorgeous.DSC01560Fanny Serrano –one of my favorites among all the others. Very flowy, feminine and beautiful.DSC01550This is probably the best photo I’ve taken from all the shows! It was difficult taking photos when you’re on the last row… Beautiful head piece, huh? Fanny Serrano is really talented.DSC01546Check out my sister’s post about PFW. She attended almost all the shows and knows certainly a whole lot more about fashion more than I do. If this were a makeup show, I’d totally be able to yak about it endlessly.
Pokwang was the finale for Alodia Cecilia’s collection. She managed to crack everyone up because of her queenly walk. It was really funny, but she totally nailed it.DSC01677This model totally caught my attention. She is the most beautiful among all the models I tell you!!! I’m not liking her in a lesbian way, okay? It’s just that she is soooooo beautiful! I regret not having taken a clearer photo. Here she is for John Paras.DSC01680I was able to see Trixie Esguerra of Nuffnang during the Premiere B Collection! She was seated right behind me! I regret not having taken a photo with her. But we did say “Hi!” She’s the sweetest! It was actually because of her that I won a Premiere B ticket, but I wasn’t able to claim it since Bonifacio High Street is too far from where I live. My sister Iza was able to work on the tickets, though. She registered all of us online; so I was still able to attend Premiere B and all the other shows!
While waiting for the Penshoppe show, we all headed to the L’Oreal Lounge to sit for a while. We had iced tea, and appetizers that were served by the people there. I’m not really sure what they’re called. The second photo has something to do with Blue Cheese and Cranberry. Tasty!DSC01700DSC01703The whole lounge was set up perfectly! Lovely interiors.HPIM2209HPIM2217HPIM2218DSC01642We lined up for the Penshoppe show an hour before the show started. I got so impatient and my feet were already hurting that I decided to go home. I took a cab home, and guess what—it freaking got me off the wrong place! I paid PHP160.00 and I had to literally walk back in heels for Christ’s sake! I felt like I was going to die. I hated everyone who got in my way. I felt like I was going to be robbed anytime! And to think my bag has my wallet, my cards, my videocam and my camera in it! It was all so fucked up, I tell you. I got home safely thank goodness. I totally hated this day. I’m not crazy over fashion shows, you know. And I totally could’ve died on my way home… And oh yeah…my heels almost made me trip, so I could’ve cracked my skull tonight you know!
Enough of this… I’m going to retire and sleep now.


  1. awww too bad we weren't able to see each other at PFW... I had to give away my tickets to my friend because I wasn't feeling good that day :( but I hope you enjoyed it ^_^

  2. Well, I hope we can still meet someday! :) Thank you so much!