Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Nostalgia, More Photos from IFEX 2011

Hello, I’m back…so soon?
I got more photos from the three-day IFEX event today from my co-worker and very good friend, Krizel (whom I fondly call “Beef”) Well, I must say professional cameras take better photos—there’s no denying that. And I just thought it’d be great to share them here. 224303_216047331752817_100000426540378_812150_2069288_nThis is Krizel—one of the best friends I have. Not only is she my best friend, she’s also my business partner! We met way back in 2008. I can’t count the times I ran to her whenever I felt so broken. I’m so lucky to have her.225953_216047155086168_100000426540378_812141_564044_n (1)Here’s the crew of BFMC on our last day in IFEX 2011.225951_216047465086137_100000426540378_812155_4031325_nHere we are with Sir Alvin. Coolest boss ever! He’s the Marketing Head of BFMC Mftg. Corp. if I’m not mistaken. We can totally joke around with him. Not a scary boss at all. Oh, and that’s the lollipop I was telling you about in the entry I published earlier.226874_216047665086117_100000426540378_812160_6813839_nI had to wear high-waisted shorts since the orange tank top was too short that it looked weird with regular shorts. The shorts are from Forever 21. Lent to me by my sister Iza. 229108_216047115086172_100000426540378_812139_5969072_n111
And here you can see the Chucks I wore. The best decision I made in those three days. 229108_216047115086172_100000426540378_812139_5969072_n222Before working. Last day of IFEX 2011. These girls are the coolest people to work with. Pretty much like sisters to me. 231064_216047308419486_100000426540378_812149_8082095_nAnd with all those, I end this entry.


  1. Love the hair!!!<3 Whenever I try to curl mine, it just never stays :-/


  2. Hi Kristen! Maybe you just have to find the right curling iron (VS or Babyliss) ;)