Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Poached Egg, Morning Milk, Ageing Superhero

May 11, 2011 (Wednesday) 
As I am writing this entry via Live Writer, it is 7:54AM. I woke up at 7:30AM, would you believe it? And now I am having breakfast.
I’ve tried eating this before but I think I did it the wrong way, now it tastes soooo much better. I’m talking about boiling an egg without the shell. Just like in Julie and Julia’s. Poaching, would be the term. It really does taste like cheese of some sort. I totally love it. And now it’s all gone. You should totally try it! “Melts” in the mouth! Ahhh… I’d totally make myself another one, but I’d better not. An egg has x calories. I’m left with my mug of milk.
What a beautiful morning. Sitting by the window in the early mornings is something I rarely do nowadays, considering I always wake up at noon. But today…wow.
My tuna serving’s heating in the microwave while our adorable dogs play with an Eeyore toy. I always love how Kuya waddles when I call him over. Naomi’s always so clever, and Benji’s the big dog who feels like he’s still a puppy. There are five more in the room—sleeping. This house is so much happier because of them. Do you know how dogs make life even better? Well, we’re not the only family in the world who raise 8+ dogs! But just to let the whole world know, it is wonderful to be surrounded with adorable doggies for pets.
I’m almost finished with my tuna, I’ll be taking a quick shower right after this and head to the mall with my sister. Still no internet here @ home. 
If you see this published, that’s probably because I’m already in the mall. Using VAT-free Wifi—which is always a great thing since everything is like priced with the 12% vat shit already. It’s not gonna get cheaper in the coming years… that is why I am so glad I am a freelance makeup artist, I’ve got two more years left in college, and after all that I’ll be working already! Not really much time to waste. I’m turning 20, and I still have a million things I want to do and places to go to.
Better give a deadline for all these plans…

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