Sunday, 22 May 2011

iPhone 4 from Jenni Epperson and Century Tuna

DSC01921I got the most wonderful surprise last May 17th (read about it in this post). I was expecting the package to arrive a week after the announcement, but I got a DM from Jenni a few days after saying she was scared to send it via a courier since it might get lost or broken (which will be the most tragic thing ever). She asked me if I could pick it up from her office instead. Since I was scheduled to go to Makati the next day, I told her I could. I wanted to sound as calm as possible, but I was screaming inside. C’mon! It’s almost a 1 out of 1,000,000 chance to win anything (in my case)!
Printed out a map from Google Maps the night before so that our driver would know where to take me. I had two points marked A and B on the map, and I was able to arrive safely and on time in both places! Makati was so peaceful that day—I don’t know why. There was barely any traffic at all. No ridiculously loud horn-blowing, too! I’ve always loved Makati, even before.
Jenni Epperson’s assistant went down to the lobby to give me the package. I received it, signed something, said thank you, and left. Of course, the first thing that came to my mind was ‘this might freaking get stolen—and I would freaaaaking kill myself if that happens (kidding, I’m not suicidal)’. What I did was bury in inside my huge ass bag and went to the Zumba Fitness Event.
I got home from Zumba at around 5PM, and went to SM Manila to get the phone activated. I totally had no idea that regular sim cards don’t work with iPhone 4’s. I had to buy a microsim—and all that shizzle. I went home a happy girl after.
This photo is totally not the best-looking photo ever—but who cares! What’s freaking incredible is what I have on my hands! DSC01915
The rest is actually history. My sister went crazy apps-downloading! She even told me to smile for a snapshot—and ended up using it for the iFat photo app (angel sister, huh?) DSC01923Anyway, I just want to say endless thanks to Jenni Epperson and Century Tuna. Never did I even imagine, in a million years, that I’d win something as awesome as an iPhone 4. Everybody kept telling me that this is a wonderful thing especially after my phone got stolen about, say, two weeks ago before the announcement of the winner in Jenni’s blog. Whoever stole my phone, thank you! I’m not even being sarcastic and I’m not lying about how my phone got stolen. Read about that fateful day here.
Sooooo glad I am not phone-less anymore! And to think I still have a pending plan in Globe (which I applied to on the night my phone got stolen) Still no word from Globe, though. Such slow service, I know. But I’m willing to wait since I have my new spanking iPhone 4! (I promise this would be the last “brag” statement ever, I just can’t help it! It’s not even bragging! It’s being…happy!)
I am forever thankful, Jenni Epperson! And Century Tuna, I’m forever a fan! Especially of those new tuna hotdogs (come on, I’m not sucking up—I really eat Century Tuna products)
With all that said, I end this post with a smile.
P.S. Follow Jenni’s blog—FYI: she didn’t tell me to promote her blog, okay? It’s just that she’s going to be giving away something MUCH BETTER THAN AN iPhone 4 next! I am totally happy for the would-be winner. Because what I felt the moment I read my name when I won—is fucking priceless.


  1. That's really sweet prize! I'd be psyched myself! what do you have to do to participate in the contest? what's the contest about?

  2. Congrats on winning the iPhone 4! A bad experience turned into a good one! I joined the contest too and had hoped to win. But hearing that you won it just after you lost yours.. Well I'm happy for you. Looks like it was meant to be for you!

  3. Hi Cherrey, I just had to follow Jenni & Century Tuna, RT something and add a comment on Jenni's post. Very simple! :)
    Hi Kai, thank you so much! You are so genuine! <3

  4. Congratulations for winning Iphone 4. :) You look so much like your sister, Ate Luz. When I saw your videos in youtube.. I initially thought you were Luzy. :P She was my blockmate in Admu. Nice blog! Followed you days ago but wasn't able to comment because of bad internet connection.
    :(.. Anyway, hope you keep on updating your blogs!

  5. Hi Morbidfrank! Thank you so much! Aww really? I was told I don't look like any of my sisters! Hahaha. Thank you for reading my blogs! You're so sweet! :)