Saturday, 11 June 2011

#1 Favorite Korean Food: Shin RamYun

IMG_1175My fondness with Korean noodles started when Paulo & I used to eat it together all the time when he was still here in Manila. I don’t know what got me hooked! There is ONE major thing that can easily make me stay away from it forever—its damn spiciness that can literally burn your esophagus!!! (Okay, just exaggerating.) But I’m not kidding. Every time I fix myself a serving of Korean Noodles, particularly my favorite brand—NongShim’s Shin Ram Yun, I only add in HALF of the powder soup. I throw away the other half. Would you believe the spiciness is still beyond my tolerance??? 1/2 of the powder soup packet, and STILL super spicy. I only add in the vegetable flakes when I feel like it; I always thought that these “flakes” are fake. They don’t make any difference [in the taste or whatever], anyway. It’s the powder soup that makes the Shin Ram Yun a Shin RamYun (read the sentence again, it’s not a typo].

So a typical Nong Shim Shin RamYun has 240 calories according to Not too much, which makes it okay for me to eat ONCE IN A WHILE. I love eating this when my taste buds are in search for some spiciness—that is when the rain is pouring, or when I “just feel like it”.

So how you cook Shin Ramyun involves three freaking easy steps:

1. Empty the noodles in a pan.

2. Add in powder soup and vegetable flakes [if you want to]

3. Bring to a boil, transfer to a bowl, and eat.

IMG_1175-horzIMG_1178-horzIMG_1187I have yet to try/or make my own Budae Jjigae (which Pearl of Dollface Cosmetics) introduced to me. It’s loaded with a loooooooo-hot of calories. Know why? Read here.

P.S. Paulo loooooves Korean Noodles! He fondly calls them “North Korean Noodles” which he find funny for some reason. Hahaha. He said they’re radioactive. Get it? (If not, well, don’t try to. It’s some kind of an inside joke between us.



  1. I love spicy foods! I tried a variant of this by putting an egg right before turning the stove off. It helps lessen the spiciness.

  2. I also <3 Korean food too! favorite korean food are actually japchae, bulgogi, bulgogi pizza (there is such a thing but not widely available here in Manila :( ), bibimbap, kimbap, galbi, and also ddukbokki (spicy rice cakes)...I actually make my own ddukbokki when I'm bored haha! you should try those ^_^

  3. AKASHA REALLY?!?!?! I'm going to try that nga! Thanks for the tip! :D
    Hi Photoescape! How about budae jjigae? You know that? I've heard of bulgogi but I've yet to try it! ;)

  4. of course! I actually cook them at home when I have the time. My mom absolutely loves ddukkbokki! and if you want your noodles to be spicier you can add more kimchi or red pepper paste... we actually do that at home haha! ^0^

  5. God that's loaded with a LOT of caloriesss hahah but it would be so nice to have them once in a while. Thanks for all the tips!