Saturday, 11 June 2011

Lunch @ Savory + Gelato for Dessert

June 5, 2011 (Sunday) Usual Sunday routine! Mass at 10AM at Saint Jude+Brunch+Dessert. We agreed on eating at Savory. This place absolutely doesn’t get old and obsolete! We ordered the usual dishes we always have when we dine in there. There’s the Savory Pancit Canton, the Yangchow Fried Rice, the famous Savory Chicken, and of course the four seasons drink!

IMG_1190-horzThe Pancit Canton tasted absolutely saucy and tasty—my favorite pieces would have to be the sliced fish balls, and the noodles+sauce!

The Yangchow Fried Rice is and will always be the best—I had about 4 tbsp of rice. Come on, I workout like hell so it wouldn’t hurt to eat rice once in a while.

The Savory Chicken is reaaaaally great—my favorite part is the thigh/leg. Don’t give me wings, because I don’t see any meat in the wings—unless the chicken who died was really fat!!!

Four Seasons Drink. THERE IS ONE THING YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER: DO NOT SIP THROUGH THE RED STRAWS! They are dirty inside!!! My sisters and I have developed this obsessive habit of checking/peeping inside the straws before sipping through them. Do you do that? If no, then you better start thinking about it. You don’t wanna ingest yucky yuckies, do you?

We did a little strolling before finally heading for some last minute refreshments/desserts. I initially wanted milk tea. And there was only one milk tea place in SM Manila. It’s Happy Fanshu located inside the Supermarket. We went there, and we were greeted by a person-less booth. The girl went on a break. Well that’s 65.00 loss for them.

Where else would I run to but Caffe Ti Amo? I had my usual Regolare Gelato Cup with Dulce de Leche and Chocolate gelato. Dulce de Leche reminded me of the ice cream that we had during the Neutrogena press launch. It tasted really yummy. And for the chocolate? I don’t think there’s a need to expound why chocolate will always taste the best.IMG_1200-horzWell that’s another Sunday for us! See you in the next!



  1. oh, I love Savory! you got the best in their menu! :)

  2. Hello! Oh yeah! Ahhh they never changed through the years...which is a great thing! :D

  3. Love Cafe Ti Amo! We have one here at the nearest SM branch - SM City North Edsa Annex. My fave gelato there is DARK CHOCOLATE.

  4. I love Cafe Ti Amo!! Dark Chocoloate FTW!! new follower here! :)

  5. Hi Jen! Wow seems like Dark Chocolate is a favorite of many!! <3