Thursday, 9 June 2011

Capdase iPhone 4

CAPDASE Soft Jacket2 XPOSE (Open Face Protective Case)—"Ultra slim and custom-fit, with open-face design for easy operation; made of durable and flexible material, smooth to touch and scratch-resistant.”

Price/Inclusive of: PHP 500.00 with Pouch, Screen Protector and Movie Stand

Location bought: LinkPlus, SM City Manila Branch




DSC02170-horzSince the first protective case I bought for my iPhone4 looked unappealing to me anymore, I hunted for another one. I went to iStudio and saw a couple of Capdase cases displayed. They all looked very attractive, but I wasn’t up for spending a thousand bucks and 200 pesos for it. Come one, I can buy shoes with that moolah. So I went to the other store, I can’t remember the name but it must’ve been MegaPlus (?) or something else. They sell Capdase cases too, only for 200 pesos less than those found in iStudio. So I said to myself, “No way. Not gonna spend that much money.” So I walked ‘round and ‘round and entered LinkPlus. They only have a few cases displayed for iPhone4. When I looked at the price displayed on the box itself, it read: “P500.00 w/ Pouch/Screen” And it was only for 500.00. I asked the saleslady why they sell it for half the price compared to iStudio (well, the answer was a "DUH-it’s-pretty-obvious” one. They sell everything at discounted prices. Since they didn’t accept cards and I didn’t have cash on me, I had to withdraw from the ATM. I picked the red one (which isn’t a surprise at all) It looks very sleek on my iPhone. I love the way it perfectly hugs every corner, how it makes the Apple logo peek from behind. One more good point is that the case doesn’t [partly] cover the flash (the first case I bought [for PHP 250] always gave red glares when I take photos with flash since the case is partly covering it)

The box includes a Movie Stand as well—which is like awesome! I can make it stand on the headboard while I sleep, while I workout with my Gymboss App, and while I watch YT videos. You can either make it stand uhh…landscape-ly or portrait-ly. I am obviously not sure if those are word, but I know you get what I’m saying. It also includes a black soft pouch, which is not really sturdy looking but it can do. The box also includes a protective screen, which I haven’t used yet since I still have my matte screen on.IMG_1238-horzDSC02165-horzDSC02167-horzOverall, I recommend this case if you’re someone who don’t really want to spend mad bucks for iPhone 4 cases. Why spend 1,200 when you can get the same thing (NOTE: NOT FAKE) for 500?

Let’s be practical, people. I’d rather spend 1,000 on milk tea than iPhone cases. (Okay, kidding, not just milk tea! Shoes, makeup, dog shampoo?



  1. wow,naka-iphone4 ka na =) sosyal!!!=) nice!!


  2. so jealous. i wanna replcae my 3GS with the new iphone na. still waiting if they're gonna come out with one.

  3. Hi Achi Mariel! :) Hahaha I won it from Jenni Epperson's blog. :)
    Hi Jo!!! Hahaha iPhone5 lapit na right?? :*