Saturday, 25 June 2011

Business Meeting @ Mexicali

Last Wednesday, I went on a business lunch meeting with Achi Char (owner of ShopSui and Skin Hour) and one of Youtube’s most beautiful gurus, Janica. I am very happy to be working with these ladies. Further information about all of this will be posted in my beauty blog shortly. Meanwhile, let me share my Mexicali experience.262692_2178337540620_1312320814_2745527_2060584_n (1)-vertMegamall is really far! It took me about an hour to reach the venue. Megamall never appealed to me—it’s too big, and I rarely go there. I like Mall of Asia better! Better yet, SM City Manila since it’s the only mall I feel ‘at home’ with. But of course, in the event that I have to go there for business meetings and such, I don’t really complain.IMG_2073-horzMexicali is (duh) a Mexican restaurant. According to their fan page in Facebook, “We specialize in Northern California-Mexican street food, such as tacos, burritos, and enchiladas, presented in quick-service style.”  I really like the interior of the place. Mexican food has never been a favorite of mine, but it didn’t hurt to give it a try! Achi Char actually helped me choose from the menu. I had terrible ulcer that day so I didn’t get any beverage to go with my Chicken Enchilada with Mexican Rice and Salad. IMG_2082-horzI sure wish Paulo was with me to finish this thing. It was really a LOT! Tasted really yummy, but I found the smell of it a bit weird. I guess it’s just how it smells, right? So according to the free dictionary, an enchilada is “A tortilla rolled and stuffed usually with a mixture containing meat or cheese and served with a sauce spiced with chili.” I really liked it. I left about 1/4 behind because my tummy couldn’t take it anymore. I’d totally have this again if I go back there.

Mexicali in Megamall is found in the Upper Ground Floor, Building A.

You can view the menu of Mexicali here. IMG_2076-horzDSC02267It took us about 2 hours to eat and discuss things at the same time. It was fun to have Ira, Janica’s boyfriend with us as well! Fellow Thomasians!!! They’re the most gorgeous couple ever. I had to leave at 2PM since my classes start at 3PM! Luckily it only took me 30 minutes to reach UST! The fare only reached 160.00, nevertheless, I paid 200 to the driver.

Mexicali definitely filled me up!

Stay tuned for the big announcement in my beauty blog!



  1. What is her beauty channel say? She's so pretty! :D I'll be tuning in to ur beauty blog(as always).

  2. I really love reading your blog and seeing all these amazing and wonderful looking people. I haven't eaten at Mexicali yet. Hmm maybe I should check it out one time. Again you always look stunning Say! :) You rock!

  3. Hi Nadj! Check out the latest post in my beauty blog. Everything's in there. :)
    HI KAI!!! Of you should def eat there! :D I'd love to have lunch with you there! :) Thank you so much!!!

  4. Great pictures! The food looks so delicious. Now I'm craving for mexican food. Haha.

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  5. so.. you and paulo are back together? :)


  6. Hi Sadie! :) Thank you so much!!! I'm kinda craving for Mexican too!!! Hahah! :D Will def check your blog out.
    Hi Anna!!! Yes we are! After over 2 months! :D