Saturday, 25 June 2011

Dinner Alone on A Monday

I went on a date with myself last Monday. I had to buy  a few stuff (particularly makeup—since it’s been a while since I went makeup shopping) and had dinner alone at The French Baker. I wasn’t in the mood for anything heavy so I opted for Fettucini ala Carbonara and tried out their newest pastry—the Cream Puff Chocolate which was priced at 25.00 a piece. The fettucini tasted absolutely creamy and tasty! I love the bacon strips on top of it. The cream puff is absolutely THE BEST cream puff I have ever eaten!!! It’s like a heaven inside my mouth! I nomnomnomed all the way…IMG_2033IMG_2031IMG_2032Look at all that Parmesan cheese and strips of bacon!!!IMG_2035IMG_2030This thing is absolutely heaven.IMG_2028All in all I just paid PHP 165.00 for my dinner. The French Baker will always be my #1!

Oh and look what’s new in SM Department Store…




  1. I already saw this when we had brunch at SM. Expensive! :( where do you buy lash grip pala?

  2. What did you see? Ardell? Yeah they are expensive! Lash Grip is available at Beauty Bar (Mall of Asia)

  3. i bought ardell last month, its my first falsies and i really dont know how to put it on. i practiced but then its just not right :(

  4. Watch YT tutorials on how to put it on, dear! Itsjudytime has an awesome lash application tutorial. ;) What lash glue are you using BTW? Lash Grip? :) Practice makes perfect! Start from the outside, work your way in.