Saturday, 11 June 2011

Light Dinner: Buttered Toast + Corned Tuna with Egg

This is what I had for dinner on June 5, 2011 (Sunday) Easiest light dinner ever made!

1. Combine 2 eggs and a can of corned tuna. Mix.IMG_1248-horz2. For the buttered toast: Melt butter on a non-stick pan. “You can never have too much butter!” –Julie and JuliaIMG_1253-horz3. Toast the bread over low heat. I love crunchy crusts!IMG_1258-horz

4. Oh yeah, cook the corned tuna + egg and it will look something like (below). Eat the dish with your buttered toasts and you’ll be full in no time!

2 eggs and 1 can of corned tuna plus 4 toasts makes 2-3 servings. I shared with my sister.IMG_1263



  1. yum!makes me want to cook now.

  2. Hi Amanda! Hahaha! Never read food entries at night (or in the wee hours!) :)