Sunday, 12 June 2011

Shoes for the Rainy Days

June 8, 2011 (Wednesday)—It rained before I could actually leave the house to run errands. I had to add “black flats” to my shopping list because with the wet ground, I cannot possibly risk slipping in my 4-inch Verbena Heels.

Recently, Payless opened a branch in SM Manila. I was quite thrilled because I heard from my sisters that all the shoes are arranged by size, so you don’t have to look through and through. After getting my new cards and photos printed, I headed to Payless and started hunting for regular, black flats. I don’t intend on wearing anything fancy—you know with the ruffles, bows and all the stuff. I just wanted plain black flats. It wasn’t really difficult to spot this one.IMG_1384-horzThis pair is from some brand called Lower East Side “Chelsea Flat”. You can see it here in Payless’ official website.  It cost me a whopping PHP 995.00 How the fuck does the prices give justice to its store’s name?!?!?! “Payless” they say… Why, shoes from the department store costs 400 pesos less! Maybe the name shouldn’t be taken literally. Or should it?

The shoes seemed okay when I tried it on. So I was all, okay. I allotted a thousand bucks for shoes, might as well go for this one. I went to school and I realized after a few flight of stairs that the back side of the shoes is hurting the back of my feet. Do you get me? In Filipino terms, we call it “paltos”. The fucking thing gave me paltos. And I walked like a wounded duck on my way to the parking. I thought to myself, okay maybe this would go away in a few days. But I was wrong-o. Now, before wearing this, I layer 5 freaking band-aids to cushion the back of my feet. That’s PHP 995.00 down the drain. Nevertheless, this wouldn’t look so bad with fashionable socks on, methinks.

IMG_1374-horzPay Payless a visit, they have a branch @ SM City Manila! Visit their website, because whatever it is that they have in there, they’re going to have it in the store. New shoes come in every Mondays and Fridays. I laid my eyes on a couple more pairs, so I’ll definitely be back. Remember the 1 pair of shoes per month? Well, looks like I’ve started it.

P.S. I’m a size 9.



  1. the store is called payless because its from the states. If you convert that to dollars it will actually be cheaper,,,kinda non sense for a store in the Philippines noh? but what the hey they have great selections of shoes LOL

    Much Love!

  2. Yeah I know it came from the US. :)