Sunday, 12 June 2011

20 Years! Insidious, Thai Birthday Dinner @ Banana Leaf

I turned twenty-years-old last June 6. I already lost the privileges of being a teenager! My big day went pretty damn good. Started off with an egg in the center of a toast for my breakfast. Tasted nothing but delicious—especially with all the yolk oozing out. (Sounds crazy? Click here to find out how I make it.) In the afternoon I went to the movies with my sister Lady to watch Insidious! We agreed on watching it together the night before. It’s pretty funny how we always love watching horror films during my birthdays! Take for example my birthday last June 6, 2006—06/06/06, we went to the movies to watch The Omen. Pretty scary, huh? There’s just something about horror films...IMG_1283-horzI found out earlier from Lar’s tweet that she was @ the mall having brunch with Auntie! So I immediately texted her since she kept raving about how much she wanted to watch Insidious as well in the past few days. Lar’s like the perfect movie buddy!!! Remember the time we watched Fast Five??? We met up at around 2:30 and went to get food to bring inside the theatre with. We went for Happy Fanshu Pearl Milk Tea and a couple of fries and burgers from Jollibee. Because of the ridiculously slow ticketing person, we entered the movie house at 3:05PM. Luckily the trailers were still rolling. Now I won’t give spoilers for the sake of everyone who still hasn’t seen the movie. But let me tell you, we screamed our lungs out for a bajillion times. The whole movie house was full of crazy people!!! That includes us! After every shriek comes a wave of hilarious laughter. You should’ve been there! It was really hilarious. I mean, there were a lot of gulat scenes, and there’s this person from behind who shouted “Ano ba yan!” Gaddd it was damn funny. I didn’t cover my eyes, but I covered my ears to lessen the gulat factor. Lar was moving all around the place! She was almost crying!!! And let me tell you, by the end of the movie, Lar’s feet were on my lap!!! She was THAT scared! My sister Lady spilled her milk tea all over my pants when she got gulat  in one particular scene!!! We were like really crazy in there. At the back of my mind, I was like, “What a great way to spend my birthday!” That movie definitely got me on a high. It ended at about 5PM. IMG_1300-horzI had to buy something from Bench Body before going home…and I don’t really know why I am sharing this. But for the heck of it, Bench has nice “Plunge Push-up Bras”, just not for long term use since it loosens up after like a couple of washes. I am a 38B, and I got one in black; I needed a nude one as well but they were all out of 38B’s for that color so I had to go for a cup larger. For some reason the 38C fit me perfectly (must have something to do with the build of the bra) Both for PHP 399.75 each. Quite cheap compared to Wacoal’s bras worth two thousand bucks!  IMG_1295-horzRemember my 20 wishes? Well, it was fucking amazing how they got granted one after the other on my birthday! Not all, but I got more than enough! When I got home, I saw this huge black bag on my desk and the note stuck to it read, “Happy Birthday! ♥ Iza” My sister got me a new yoga mat!!!! I was so surprised!!! It was so unexpected!!! She’s really an amazing sister. She even got the color I wanted! AND it’s a thick mat!!! (I kind of specified that in my list, hahaha!)

Then logged into my Facebook Fanpage and I saw the big 1,000!!! Just what I wished for! 1000 likes on my birthday. (My sister Iza shared the link—that’s why!) Have I told you how amazing my sister is? Hahaha!And then I went on Twitter and I saw Judy’s greeting!!! Well, I wanted a couple of online, famous people to greet me, but Judy alone made me feel more than content!IMG_1314-horzFast forward to my Thai Birthday Dinner @ Banana Leaf, Robinson’s Place Midtown! Ahhhh Thai food, you never fail to amaze me… I won’t go through the whole trouble of mentioning what these dishes are called, but I can tell you what they are. In order from L-R, downward: Rice, MY FAVORITE PAD THAI!!! Clam something, Chicken Pandan, MY FAVORITE SEAFOOD CURRY!!! Fried Chicken, Squid, Sweet and Sour Fish.DSC02187-horzIMG_1337-horzIMG_1349-horzIMG_1351-horzBanana Leaf’s service is absolutely amazing! The manager was walking all over the place, serving all the food as they get out fresh from the cooking area. I loooooo-hove Banana Leaf. Had a nice family group photo taken before leaving… Okay okay, I know I look white!!! Must’ve been the flash! This is my wonderful family! All girls, no boys!!! That reminds me, I want an older brother for my 21st birthday… ladyP.S. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO MADE ME FEEL SOOOO HAPPY ON MY 20th BIRTHDAY!!! You guys know who you are.



  1. Happy Birthday Say! Haha.. now I feel like I want to check that Insidious movie..

  2. i love the bow tie on your hair and you look like your dad, more power!

  3. you have 3 sisters in all?

  4. Thanks Cherrey!!! Oh hell yeah you definitely should! ;)
    Hi Kingking! Thank you! :D Hehehe :) Was gonna do Amy's Suicide Roll but ran out of time.
    Hi Mimi! Yes. :D

  5. Wow there's also a banana leaf here in philadelphia, amazing!!! I think it's the same restaurant company.

  6. Hi Ysha! Really?? Do you like Thai food as well? Hehe I love it! :)
    Thank you Donna! Let's meet up some time. :D

  7. Happy birthday Say!
    New follower here. :)


  8. happy birthday!