Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Workout 05/30/11: BodyRockTV 600 Reps Fat Burner Workout

Any workout that almost killed me is worth blogging about.

I got carried away with blogging the night of the 30th and finished at 11:00PM. You would think I’d call it a day and go to sleep. But I went outside to do what I do everyday. It took me 1 hour, 15 minutes and 46 seconds to complete the whole workout. I took a shower at 12:45AM, for goodness’ sake. You wouldn’t even believe how many time I cursed that night.

This photo says it all. This is how I keep track of really difficult workouts like this one. Let’s go through it now… So there are 10 exercises and each exercise has to have 60 reps (60 x 10 = 600). Zuzana wrote in her blog that it’s going to be 30’s each, and you have to do it all over again for the next 30’s. I don’t freaking want to do it all over again and I did 60’s each. Let’s see how it turned out. P.S. TIMER RESET ON THE 6th exercise onwards.311523560

  1. Jump Lunge Kick Up—basically you start in a lunge position, and then jump to switch legs [to another lunge], and then kick up (as high as you can) *I did 60 reps in 3 minutes and 54 seconds. (Your thighs are gonna get sore like hell)
  2. Side Burpee Knee Tuck—down on your hands, do a side plank, do a knee tuck with one hand (of the same side of the knee to be tucked) off the ground; jump back on the center, and then jump up high. *First 10 reps I was like “Fuck”, use the photo above as reference! I finished only 30 reps and the time was already 10 minutes and 07 seconds. I finished all 60 reps come 16 minutes and 3 seconds. (You’re going to be swearing (and sweating) like crazy. Don’t push too hard. Drink all the water you want, really!)
  3. Super Girl Squat—do a squat with one leg up, then bring that lifted leg back high, then down on the standing position and switch to the other side. *When I finished 30 reps, the time was already 19 minutes and 10 seconds. I finished all 60 reps come 21 minutes and 45 seconds. This one is pretty easy.
  4. Diving Knee Tucks—dive forward, go back, tuck knee L, tuck knee R, back, dive again…and so on. *Oh daaaamn this is probably the most difficult of them all! I finished my 20th rep come 26 minutes and 34 seconds, 60th rep come 35 minutes and 2 seconds. Lemme tell you something about this. Your arms are going to die. Diving is difficult like fuck. You should see Zuzana do it. EFFORTLESS like damnnn. Well I finished all 60 reps, and that makes me happy. When I finished, I realized I have 6 more exercises to do.
  5. Jack Jump Tuck—squat position, jump feet apart, close, then do a jump tuck *I wrote 6 10’s on the paper and crossed out 10’s as I went along. I finished 60 reps come 42 minutes and 15 seconds. I admit, I could barely do proper jump tucks, but I freaking tried my best! You should’ve seen me.
  6. 3D Push Ups—down on all fours, feet apart, body in line, do a wide push-up, go in center for the medium wide push-up, and finally a push-up with your hands close together. *The diving knee tucks already killed my arms, so I had to modify. I had my feet apart, down on all fours, body in line and did steady push-ups (wide). 6 10’s on my paper. I even drew how my hands were positioned. (see: above) Seems like I didn’t jot down the time for this one.
  7. One Leg Jump Up—jump on one leg, keep it low! *Pretty simple, but it’s the “keeping it low” that makes it really difficult. Do 30 on the L and 30 on the R. I finished 30 on my L come 5 minutes and 15 seconds  and 30 on my R  come 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Again, your thighs are gonna buuuuurn.
  8. Ab Chopper—down on all fours, jump both feet forward, then apart, then jump (with your hands still on the ground) so your hips go up with your legs, jump feet together, and then jump back. *6 10’s on my paper. Didn’t record the time with this one. I barely jumped high. I literally felt like dying… IT’S THE FIRST TIME I SAW WHITE SPOTS IN MY VISION!!!
  9. Sumo Twist Crunch—do a sumo squat (means you go all the way down) then crunch sideward with a twist *I finished 60 reps come 20 minutes and 13 seconds.
  10. Plank Lift Off—lie down, arms together shaped like a pistol, legs apart and knees bent, point pistol to your left while crunching up, lie back down, point to the center while crunching up, lie back down, point to the right while crunching up, lie back down= THAT IS JUST ONE REP. Do 60! *I finished come 33 minutes and 31 seconds. It seemed like FOREVER to finish this exercise! You can barely recognize my handwriting on the paper. I wrote the word OUCH at the far bottom left.

I finished this whole workout in 42 minutes and 15 seconds PLUS 33 minutes and 31 seconds—which is a total on 1 hour, 15 minutes and 46 seconds.

I took a shower at 12:45AM. I didn’t have any dinner (it was too late to do so) but I handled it!

That’s all for my workout on the second to the last day of May. Burn, baby, burn!

P.S. I played Britney’s Femme Fatale Album TWICE to finish this workout.