Sunday, 10 July 2011

Saturday Diary: Cab Rides Alone, iWhite Event, Skipping School, Downpour

Schedule for the day was go shopping from 1:00-1:55PM, attend iWhite Event from 2:00-3:45, catch my 5:00PM OM class in UST and be home by 7:30. I left the house at 1:15PM, and that automatically cancelled my shopping plans. It was raining while I was inside the cab. Thank goodness the driver wasn’t 1. a maniac or 2. a hold-upper. The radio was playing really old songs so thank God for my iPhone (which reminds me I have to update my playlist!) It took me 40 minutes to reach Anapolis Road. And that cost me PHP 200.00. If the driver did not turn left and ended up on a dead-end road, I could’ve saved myself about 5 minutes of time.IMG_2604I did not have any breakfast, and I felt the urge to eat something while in the middle of traffic along Greenhills—so I reached for my 80-calorie cereal bar inside my bag. This thing is evil. Hell yeah it contains 80 calories, but when you eat 10 it’s not going to be the same. So better be careful, ladies! “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips…”IMG_2607I arrived at Papa John’s at exactly 1:55PM. That gave me 5 minutes to spare to re-touch, and climb the stairs. So you can say that I arrived EXACTLY on the dot. Which was funny because they were all looking at me when I stepped in the venue. All I could say was, “iWhite Event?”IMG_2690DSC02378My view from my seat. I was alone for a good 15 minutes.DSC02379Laid the earcuffs that I would be giving to Achi Char and Janica courtesy of my sister’s booming online business. Aren’t they pretty? My sister’s coming out with a lot of new designs! And I feel very privileged to be able to use them firsthand. DSC02381The facial area. One of the organizers invited me to try their masks out, but unfortunately I didn’t because I was wearing makeup.DSC02390IMG_2645After about 15 minutes, people started coming in! Here is a photo of myself with Mich (whom I fondly call ‘beautifulloft’) and Achi Char.DSC02394Achi Char looked positively radiant in her white off-shoulder top and her circle lenses! DSC02404Appetizers were laid on the tables as we were finishing with the “games” prepared by the iWhite Team. They served potato wedges, bread sticks, and sauces. I loved the potato wedges. The breadsticks tasted good, too! I was expecting mozarella cheese to ooze out, but to no avail.DSC02407The event started, and the iWhite team handed out paper bags filled with iWhite products inside. A powerpoint presentation followed after the giveaway. As usual, everything informational will be posted in my beauty blog.DSC02410Here I am with Achi Char posing with JalapeƱo peppers.

IMG_2679The sister I never had! Check out those lenses!DSC02411Got the earcuff [which I left behind during the LuLu shoot] back from Achi Char so I decided to wear it.IMG_2653IMG_2654The same lovely ladies I attended the opening of Etude House with! Ann looked gorgeous as ever! I missed her! DSC02419Here is Michelle of Beautiful Loft. I bet she’s going to laugh reading this. Isn’t she pretty? I love her short hair! Fits her perfectly. I first met this girl during the Beauty Bloggers’ Meet Up in Metro Manila.DSC02421Ann looked perfect in her ensemble. She is as usual, her sweet self!DSC02423I rarely remember people, but this girl I did!!! Apple Calimbas (right, Apple?) Her face is very familiar from my timeline in Twitter. She is soooooooo pretty, I tell you. DSC02424Charles of WickeRmoss! Yes, the same sweet woman who gave me the EOS lip balm and the top from Amour! Look at her. Doesn’t she look adorable in her outfit?DSC02434A photo-op with the president of iWhite Korea together with all the other bloggers. Not a very nice shot, but thanks to one of the people from the iWhite team for taking this for me.DSC02433Ira and Janica finally arrived after 10 years! They were caught in traffic and the heavy downpour—but look how gorgois they look!!! Ahh…such a perfect couple.DSC02445I knew it was going to be a fun afternoon with my LuLu ladies!DSC02447I made Janica try out my earcuff in here. I wanted a photo which my sister could use to blog about. Suits her perfectly, methinks! Again, the living doll!!! Gorgois!  DSC02448A photo of the four of us after everyone else have left. Ira’s really tall! Janica and I both wore floral printed dresses! Achi Char is married, can you believe it? She looks so young ha!DSC02450DSC02435-horzThe variety of pizza that were served by Papa John’s. I had two slices, I admit. And I barely remember what they were. They tasted awesooommme, though! Achi Char and I shared this serving of penne pasta with all that jazz. Nothing out of the ordinary, I must say.DSC02440-horzUnlimited iced tea drinks for everyone!IMG_2676Here’s a scoop of chocolate ice cream for dessert. Although I promised I’d stick to my diet for 5 days.

IMG_2682Restroom break. And you know what happens in there, ladies! We take about a million years to retouch, and take photos, too!IMG_2684IMG_2686The rain was pouring and it was only I who had an umbrella. So the four of us decided to sit outside Papa John’s and wait for the rain to let up. I had a great talk with my girls! If we weren’t discussing serious business stuff, we were laughing our heads off with Janica’s “may snake pa ako!” statement! You should’ve been there.IMG_2696IMG_2697How gorgois can this girl get?! IMG_2699We had fun with my Fotolr app in my phone!IMG_2714IMG_2716IMG_2717IMG_2718IMG_2719Ira’s BlackBerry and tattoo.IMG_2708The living doll.IMG_2709Achi Char had to leave a few minutes after, and we thought that the rain wasn’t going to stop anytime soon so we crossed the street and headed to the shopping center.

Here I am while waiting for Janica who was in the restroom. Would you look at the woman behind me? Hahaha.

IMG_2700Had to leave Ira and Janica about 20 minutes after since it was getting “late” in my mum’s time. I didn’t want to line up at the end of the taxi bay because there were a LOT of people. I figured, why the hell would I wait at the end of the line when I could score a cab if I walk a little further…

I had to walk around and I spotted an empty cab who fortunately saw me signaling and stopped at the side of the road. What luck! If I lined up I would probably still be lining up till 9PM.

A little Fotolr shot inside the dark cab. Thank God again that the driver wasn’t 1. a maniac or 2. a hold-upper. I got home safely with the meter hitting PHP 170.00

IMG_2704I went home to this on my table! A huge thank you to my darling boyfriend for sending these all the way from Cebu!IMG_2722I did my 600 Massacre workout at 9PM. Called it a day at 4:12AM.

Beautiful, beautiful day.

P.S. A formal entry regarding the iWhite event and the products will be posted in my beauty blog shortly.



  1. You have such lovely hair! <3 How long did it take for you to grow that long and how do you take care of it? :) You look gorgeous in your dress too! :D

  2. grabe,i love love love lookin at your pictures.gawjus as always! so inggit,hope to meet you in the future say :)

  3. Hello Bea! Thank you so much! My hair is about 3 years old already. I get it trimmed once in a while. I shampoo everyday :) Haha, I don't really do anything special with it. Thank you so much Bea! :)
    Hi Amanda! Thank you so much! :D I hope to meet you too! :D

  4. Hi Say! Yes it is me, Apple!

    It was really nice to finally met you.. Always watch your vids in YT and I never thought I would see you on that event. So happy you recognize me :) I would not miss your beautiful face by far.. :)

    Hope to see you again gorgeous! ;)

  5. how do your parents feel about you skipping classes for gigs and events like this?

  6. Hi Anonymous! They don't really mind. As long as I do good in school :) They're very supportive!

  7. You must have really ugly teeth! Lol,

  8. Hahahaha why, thank you and God bless you. :)

  9. You're welcome! May God bless your teeth! Hahaha!!