Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Sunday Diary: Max’s, Shopping, Reborn Jeans, James Cooper, Wendy’s

IMG_2735After hearing mass last Sunday, my momma decided for us to have brunch @ Max’s. I wasn’t 100% thrilled about it, but it was all good. I wasn’t in the mood to eat anything fancy, anyway. What’s weird about Max’s that day was they made us wait outside when inside there were a lot of empty tables and chairs (like 70%)! I was like, why the hell would you tell us to wait pa? It’s not like they’re gonna roll out the red carpet before we enter. Come on.

After 5 minutes or so, they led us to a table—which did not make any difference because when they told us to wait, the table was already vacant. Here’s a photo of Mama and Papa! That’s Papa’s “smile”. I had to tell him, “Pa, SMILE.” with emphasis on the word SMILE. IMG_2737I ordered this Fiesta Meal Plate with the rolls instead of rice. This doesn’t look appetizing at all. What do you think?IMG_2738This spring chicken leg was so skinny. Do you even know why they’re holding the Chicken All You Can promo? (I’d rather not say.) The lumpia was all ubod inside!IMG_2739Max’s butter to go with the rolls. The packaging looks like Knorr cube to me! But the butter was nomnom.IMG_2742The ever so chewy Caramel Bar! I think I like this the best! IMG_2741My sister Lady and I. Iza wasn’t around because she watched a movie with her friends and my eldest sister Luzelle was on a business trip in Laoag.IMG_2744I needed new pairs of jeans for an upcoming event so I went to find some. Stumbled upon this newly opened store (someplace I never really bother to check out) It’s called “REBORN” and they were having an awesome sale. 2 jeans for only PHP 1,000! It’s a buy 1 take 1 sale. Most of the jeans they have are low-cut and skinny! I’m glad my legs were able to fit into something. All thanks to BodyRock.TV! IMG_2751Next stop was as usual, Watsons. I was holding a jar of my favorite hair conditioner for only PHP 99.00 but I dropped that and went to the James Cooper counter instead! I walked out of the store about 1,000 pesos poorer and 100% happy because of the new makeups I purchased.IMG_2748Since I rarely go to school with my hair undone anymore, I had to buy a new bottle of Etude House’s Sweet Style Hairspray! For only PHP 198.00.

You can watch my Sunday Haul vlog in here:

Sunday Haul: James Cooper, REBORN, Etude House

Last stop of the day was Wendy’s. My mom wanted some fries. And I had my coffee jelly!IMG_2756When I got home I re-did my makeup, and starting vlogging…IMG_2774I got to wear the beautiful earcuffs made by my sister for each vlog! I love them! Especially this white-feathered one.



  1. yay it seems like you only paid for the caramel bar.. everything else didn't look appetizing at all.

  2. Those white feather ear cuffs are so cute on you!!! & that Wendy's coffee jelly reminds me of Wendy's frostee, hmm not sure if they are almost the same. But it's making me want one!!! I might go to Wendy's later haha.

  3. Ysha! I'll give you earcuffs when you fly back here!!! Oh yeah that's Wendy's frostee too! But with the jelly hahaha! :D