Monday, 22 August 2011

M)phosis Commercial Shoot

DSC03065August 15, 2011 (Monday) Every Marketing class had to do a commercial for Mphosis/Girbaud for our TJMA General Assembly in the university (UST). Our class was given M)phosis to work with. I was humbly chosen as one of my class’ models for the commercial shoot. (Thanks to my wonderful classmates for believing in me!) I remember feeling sooooo sick that week. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know how sick I was. I couldn't stop complaining about my headaches and colds. I even needed to be the muse for August 14’s Sportsfest opening, but I woke up 2 hours late because of a fever. The night before that, I went out to eat with friends, and I think I slept at 1:00AM. It was just all a whirlwind of events to attend to. My body couldn’t keep up, unfortunately.

The commercial shoot was scheduled on Monday (15th of August) at 8:00AM. And guess what time I woke up. Freaking 10AM. I woke up to 23 missed calls from Kris (class president) I was soooo mortified I ran to the bathroom to shower. I did my makeup as fast as I could. I remembered I had to wear the ugly orange M)phosis dress and I didn’t have time to work with color blocking as planned since time was ticking away. I made a dash for the door and ran to UST. One thing that made me happy was Palladio’s Coral Punch Lipstick. It’s PERFECT! Perfect coral shade.

299653_1483393100338_1699183930_740832_8103448_n (1)297982_1483392740329_1699183930_740830_4702016_nI finally reached UST, and I profusely apologized to Kris, Dana and Kevin as soon as they got the car out from the carpark and fetched me downstairs. We went for gas before heading to Paco Park. Unfortunately, the Paco Park guard asked for a permit, we didn’t have any; and so he told us to get one…@ LUNETA PARK. Like, what the hell. DSC03049Kris drove us to Harbour Square as our second location option. We were getting ready to film, and another guard approached us…asking for a permit TOO!!! I was like, “Bakit lahat kailangan ng permit! Free naman mga parks and public spaces!!!” Good thing, we were able to sweet talk the guard. Kris did all the talking! He let us shoot just for a few minutes. The view was amazing. I loved the sea, the clouds and the sun.IMG_3876IMG_3873IMG_3881

289187_1479179034989_1699183930_737258_6177264_o (1)DSC03068DSC03066We successfully ended and even had the guard take a photo of the four of us!

Next was lunch. We dined in @ Teriyaki Boy. Omnomnomnom before heading back to class. I think we all had Tonkatsu and bottomless iced tea! It broke my heart that I had to eat rice. If it’s any consolation, I did not finish all the rice. There was just tooooo much of it in one bowl. We headed back to UST and  we were 15 minutes late because of traffic. But it was all good.DSC03070DSC03079DSC03083DSC03084Thank you Kris, for driving and shooting us! To my fellow commercial models—Kevin and Dana, great job guys!

P.S. We didn’t bag the title, but what the heck. I loved bonding with these people!

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