Monday, 22 August 2011

Farewell Dinner for April at Tajimaya, Mall of Asia

DSC03003August 13, 2011—Despite feeling sick the whole day, our scheduled dinner date with April was something that made me excited. She had to fly back to Toronto last 16th of August so we decided to have one last dinner together.

We were supposed to dine in at Yakimix, but then, not having made reservations beforehand, we were not able to get any tables—the place was packed. Second choice was Tajimaya—a place I haven’t really tried eating in before.

It was an eat-all-you-can restaurant. Pay PHP 420.00 and you get to eat unlimited meat (I don’t really know what they’re called since it was Kenny who ordered) We ordered Japanese rice to go with all the meat. (Yes, I ate rice. I admit it.) Japanese rice tastes so daaaaamn good. It was like heaven in my mouth…really.DSC03013We were served plates of raw meat (of all kinds), and we cooked them over the hot circular grills on the centers of our tables. What I didn’t like much was how the grills go low in heat, hence postponement of further cooking of the meat pieces. Well, given that they’re ‘CHARCOAL GRILLS’, we don’t really have to complain.  DSC03007I didn’t like the sausages—they were too chunky. And grilling doesn’t really cook the insides of it. I ate one, hot on the outside, but cold in the inside. Blech, baby, blech.DSC03011It was a thrill to cook the raw meat by myself! We burned a few, but it was all good! We had about 6 rounds? I was trying to eat a reasonable amount of food. And I think I succeeded. DSC03006Up close and personal with the yummy meat pieces!DSC03014DSC03015IMG_3825With my darling Janine and April! Shoutout to April! I miss you already baby girl!DSC03026

IMG_3831IMG_3836My friends for life! L-R: Keshia, Chester, Kenny, Janine, April, myself, Laurence, Sarah, Adrienne, Aldrich and Raphael.DSC03030


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