Monday, 10 October 2011

Basic Workout Moves I Swear By

Just because my left hand is still swollen as hell, I still can’t film workout vlogs—but I guess this can jumpstart all my interested viewers’ own workouts. They have been requested for workout videos for the longest time—and I promise I’ll put my first one up as soon as my hand gets better.

Here are just some of the basic non-torturous workout moves I swear by (if you follow me on Twitter, you’d know how difficult the workouts I perform are, so when I say it’s non-torturous, it means you can always modify. But if you’re a masochist like I am, go torture yourself and aim for maximum, timed reps (repetitions)!IMG_25491. We all have tummy fat, and getting rock hard abs is hard—mine still need a hell lot of work, but I’m glad to have reached this point that I am in right now.

Exercises I do:

  • Side crunches: 60 repetitions on each side (my trick is—the moment you wanna give up “because it hurts”—THAT’S when you keep on going. Push for 60, baby. You can do it! No stopping. (Unless you have asthma, or lung problems!)
  • Commando Push-ups: now this is a BodyRock exercise term which will require a deeper explanation. Basically you lie on your tummy, push up from under your arms. So all your weight is on your palms while your……okay you’re probably not getting me, so watch this video from BodyRock instead: I push for 60 every time. This is my favorite move. It will kill your arms, abs and legs. You will have abs in no time.IMG_1615NNN

2. Who wouldn’t love buns of steel? I think this can be the best asset of most women—other than breasts.

Exercise I do:

  • You know how much I love squats. Killer squats tone everything from butt down to the legs. It works  on the abs as well. You just basically stand with your feet apart and start squatting—your weight on the heel. Exhale and squeeze the butt muscles as you come up—the two most important things in the move. I normally do 300 squats under time pressure. My fastest was 10 minutes and 48 seconds. It’s a challenge from BodyRock that I conquered after 4 tries. Don’t put yourself under time pressure if you know you can’t handle it—always modify.


3. Who loves saggy arms? I don’t! I’m not against people who have it (I still do!) But it’s always nice to get rid of them.

Exercise I do:

  • Commando Push-ups (see link above in #1)IMG_2952IMG_4513

Those are just a few of the intense workout moves I swear by, stay tuned for another post about the other ones and my diet—hopefully with the videos!IMG_0295

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  1. you seriously need to slow down your work out Say...your arm is telling you so! joking...I love I've tried it and it killed me LOL.