Wednesday, 12 October 2011 for iPhone

I’ve always used TwitPic/Lockerz before I had my iPhone 4. At first glance, I did not like how aged the photos looked like with the effects from; my sister was the one who introduced me to it. Well, as you can obviously see (if you follow me on Twitter, that is) I am now an avid user of the application. I love how I see the world in it. Why? Well I follow a lot of interesting people in from all over the world—they upload wonderful photos, I tell ya. It’s a completely non-stalkish way of peeping into a stranger’s life. I don’t mind sharing my photos at all. I’ve been out in the open since I’ve joined Blogger, let alone, YouTube. photoI have over 500 photos in my account—which is quite enough proof how much I’ve been using this. constantly have upgrades to basically enhance the features available. Just hours ago, I had mine upgraded to the 2.2 version, if I’m not mistaken.

To cut this whole entry short, you can find me on Instagram under “saytioco”.

I definitely love meeting strangers—this world is full of interesting people!

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