Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Things I Failed To Blog About

My obsessive-compulsive self just won’t shut up until I get these photos blogged.

1. Mrs. Field’s Comfy Red Couch—I swear I’d fill my future house with this comfy thing. I could sit on it for hours!IMG_47332. Sony Cybershot W130—my reliable and first ever point-and-shoot camera. Remember my old YT videos? I used this to film them! Those were the days…HD wasn’t in my vocab yet.IMG_47513. With the ever so gorgois Janica Buhain—this was taken during our Sunday lunch @ Omakase. Read her blog! IMG_47554. RIBBON HEAVEN—SCORE!!! I’ve been trying to find bows since forever! They’re available at Connecticut Arcade, GH, in this store called “Style On Air”.IMG_4757Everything just screams XiaXue ( IMG_4760IMG_47625. Batch 4 of my faux lash business with Paulo—has SOLD OUT in a span of only a week! New lashes will be coming out in our fifth batch. IMG_46946. Hamster Ball—a fun, new app I downloaded in my iPhone. The hamster is just tooo cute when he balloons up. IMG_47137. YouTube Awards—the first time I saw this, I thought it was really cool! Thanks to everyone who’s been there through the years!IMG_47408. Reached #18 on TopBlogs—I know TopBlogs constantly changes, but this is an accomplishment for me.IMG_47739. Mary Kay Timewise Matte Wear Foundation—Jhia of Red Jhelli Shop sent this together with the lenses she wanted me to review. I have yet to try it, but it looks very promising. Thank you Jhia!IMG_480710. Out of Food—when Pedring happened, we had no food stocked at home. So Mama and I had to go to the mall and buy food! Including dog food!IMG_4830I also had to satisfy my craving for popcorn! Chef Tony’s is my favorite.IMG_4819And here’s my beautiful Mama :)IMG_482111. Circle Lenses—got me falling in love. I am totally getting more circle lenses soon! IMG_4859These are the Super Angel Gray Lenses that Jhia of Red Jhelli Shop sent to me.IMG_4804More posts soon! :x

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