Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Blogging Inside the Cab, Terrible Traffic, Hairstyling Gig at Makati Shangri-la

Last week was nothing but showers of blessing. Achi Char contacted me and asked if I could assist her in hair styling for a gig. It’s not totally my forte, but hairstyling is one of the areas I love to experiment and work on. I gladly accepted since my schedule permitted. I woke up at 8:30 on a Friday. I knew I would be battling traffic. I left the house at 10. And after 6 cabs who don’t want to accept rides to Makati, I finally got in one that was willing. Aren’t drivers supposed to accept all destinations? I find it really stupid how they choose where they want to go. Like what the heck, man?

I luckily breezed through traffic and the meter ticked at 130.00 just as I arrived the hotel entrance. I paid 150.00 to the driver—just because. I went up to the Rizal Ballroom where I immediately spotted Achi Char. We were led to a beautiful hotel room.DSC06854DSC06792DSC06862DSC06807All the work started. Achi Char worked on Margaret’s makeup while I did Cheenee’s hair. We were chitchatting and I learned that the girls we were dolling up are millionaires! They won The Voice of McDonald’s last year and they were gonna be interviewed by Rated K that day. It was really cool!

If you want to see what hairstyles I did for Margaret and Cheenee, go to my beauty blog.

After all the work, we were able to sneak in a few shots together!DSC06836DSC06848DSC06849DSC06857DSC06841DSC06845DSC06850DSC06855The Rated K team went in and set up after a few minutes, and Margaret’s and Cheenee’s interview started. DSC06829DSC06834Achi Char and I walked to Glorietta to have lunch and dessert @ Tutti Fruitti. It was fun to talk to Achi Char about personal and career-wise things. I really think that she’s my blood related sister, although she’s not. I don’t want to blog about this, but Tutti Fruitti in Glorietta is a bit unsanitary. Let’s just say, I saw creepy crawlies in their fruit selection… Major down points. Never going back there. *No, I did not eat the creepy crawlies…DSC06867I had to leave right after lunch because I still had a 3PM class to attend to. We went back to the hotel and I changed into my uniform right away. Before leaving, Achi Char, myself and the amazing singers were able to take a few snapshots together! And…Margaret and Cheenee sang for us!!! Goosebumps all the way.DSC06878DSC06881I scored a cab right away thanks to Makati Shang’s hotel service. Traffic was horrible. I tried blogging inside the cab, but then I had to stop because I felt dizzy!

I was 30 minutes late for my first class. I felt exhausted. But it was all worth it.


  1. Saaaaay! Still looks so pretty kahit ngwacky pose! I love the pic ung kau ni Char (biting brush) and you holding curling iron. Looook at the nguso pose. :3 ♥

  2. I hate choosy na can actually complain them to the LTFRB...I think that was it or was it LTO? IDK LOL...because drivers are not supposed to choose their customers and destinations.....HELLO ME NAKALAGAY NA NGA NA TO ANY POINT IN LUZON SA GILID KUYA! BULAG KA?! haha! Me and my traffic rants again LOL Great post Say! Can't wait to see it on TV! ^^,