Monday, 17 October 2011

Day in The Life of Say 10-18-11

My sister tagged me along to the Freeway X Manansala event she was invited to. Since I don’t really care that much about the event (so this post is not gonna highlight it), I decided to just blog about how the day went. So it was a Tuesday. We had to take the cab from the house to Glorietta because of color coding. I had so much fun with my sister! She filmed me inside the cab while I did my “What’s in My Bag?” video. I had to tell the driver to shut the radio off so as to not interfere with my vlogging. Hahaha! Good thing Manong didn’t mind—he seemed pretty sleepy and just had no care at all. DSC07102We arrived about 2 hour early so my sister and I decided to eat first. We passed by Luk Yuen and had a sudden craving for xiao long bao. The restaurant looked pretty neat—I was pretty happy that it was not crowded at all (well, of course, since I wanted to vlog without nosy eyes on me) Although, the waitresses were kind wondering why I was talking to the cam. This is one thing I don’t like about this whole vlogging in the Philippines. I mean, come on. If it’s not your business, wag na lang maki-alam. I love how people in other countries have all the freedom with all this stuff—and not get silly, unwanted attention from people around. Yes I’m talking about Timothydelaghetto, Judy, Benji, and all the other famous vloggers in YouTube! HPIM3601DSC07095Anyway, here is my sister. I believe I’ve already told you guys that she’s the one who owns The Style Prodigy Shop—which explains the wonderful earcuff.DSC07097And here I am! Nothing much to say about this photo—except that I love what Etude House’s Easy Brow pencil is doing to my brows! Oh yeah, and blazers are lovely!DSC07098While waiting for our orders, they served us complimentary chips and bowls of soup. The chips tasted like chicharon—tasty, but you know it' ain’t healthy!DSC07103DSC07104My sister order radish cake which tasted soooo good (and I regret not taking a photo of it! I was too busy vlogging! But you’ll see it in the video!)DSC07110I ordered Dumplings in Chili Sauce but had the chili sauce separated (the dumplings were supposed to be submerged in it, but I don’t think I can handle that!) YOU GUYS SHOULD TRY THIS OUT!!! The dumplings tasted soooooooo good! I know I said we wanted xiao long bao, but they don’t have it on the menu. THESE definitely compensated. Ang sarap!DSC07107So after eating, my sister and I headed to the venue. And as usual, Filipino time. The event did not start until like 1.5 hours. We signed up, had our photo taken and just chilled. My sister went ahead and took photos for her blog. I told you this wasn’t my cup of tea. I mean, beauty I can take. But fashion, not too much.

Freeway gave us these goody bags! And how thoughtful it is for them to personalize each with the names! Thank you Freeway!DSC07114If you don’t know Manansala and you’re a Filipino, better brush up on your…literature, perhaps. I honestly don’t know much about him, but Google! And you shall discover how great of an artist he was. And his works, now, on apparels! DSC07116The buffet served the CREAMIEST CARBONARA everrrr! I really loved it. They also served crepes and appetizers which, obviously, I don’t have photos of. Anyway, while waiting, I met a fellow beauty blogger! Her name is Bec. It was so sweet of her to approach me and recognize me. Hope I meet her again, because we were not really about to chat that long.DSC07120National Bookstore was two stores away from Freeway, and since I was kinda getting tired of waiting for the event to start, I went in the bookstore to look for books na lang muna. Come on, they had a lot of makeup books available! I was either Jemma Kidd’s or Bobbi Brown’s. I was contemplating and in the end, I got myself the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. This is not the hardbound one, so it was only priced at PHP 735.00. I’ve been meaning to get this book for the longest time—and I can say that Christmas came a little early because of this. Thanks to all my hardwork! Haha I paid for it, and if you’re wondering, I was feeling thrifty so went for the softbound edition. DSC07156So the event was taking too long to start so my sister and I left the venue and went downstairs where all the artists were like doing their stuff. We had the opportunity to take photos with Divine Lee! She was so lovely. Oh and if you are wondering again, I was wearing flats (which explains how midget-y I look next to her)—and she was wearing Kermin Tesoro shoes! DSC07127Look at this cute little boy right hereeeee…..I wanted to squeeeeeze him! Adorabbbble!HPIM3633So we left the venue earlier than expected, and walked to Glorietta 4 to get some coffee. We went to this place called McCafe. I loved how cozy it was in there. And I enjoyed my Iced Mocha—strong, but definitely worth my hundred bucks.DSC07159And for the last photo of the day—me & my sister. And yes, I know my hair is messed up. Haha! Hope you had fun reading! The Day in the Life of Say video is embedded below. Watch it if you want!DSC07158


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