Friday, 14 October 2011

The Look I Fell In Love With + Updates


It’s 4:04AM as I am typing this blog entry. Yesterday was vlogging day for me and it literally took me hours to finish editing the first video scheduled to go up today. You should’ve seen me laugh at myself—I compiled quite a handful of bloopers from that one. Made a separate video for that since I hate long ass videos. Week 7 is 14 minutes long, dude. Another 4 would hurt.

Anyway, I don’t know about you, but I fell madly in love with Cher Lloyd’s look. I made a tutorial on it about 2 days ago and for some reason I find myself always wearing the look. I wore it to the mall on the 13th, and I wore it yesterday for my vlogging session! I guess I got bitten bad.

The only difference in the photo (see: above) is the lip color—which is Tea Rose by NYX. Revlon’s Nude Attitude is not really something I love, but it totally rocked the Cher Lloyd tutorial.

Oh yeah, this reminds me, I have to pick up new black eye pencils tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll be letting go of this look soon. It’s all about the smudging and the lashes, baby.

So right now, it’s 4:14AM and I have 379 minutes left on Week 7 (roughly a million years). I have things to do in the morning. I also still haven’t blogged nor shared photos from my 3-day gig with High Sierra. Well, that one’s gonna be a long-ass post. I’m happy I’ve stocked up on ready-to-be-edited videos—puts less pressure on me!

I love my work. I am proud that I’m earning with my YouTube videos, my blog, makeup gigs, and my faux lash business with Paulo. Heck this is what they don’t call “work”. If it’s too much fun and you love doing it, baby—you’re blessed!

Grades were released about a few hours ago, and man, I fucking passed everything! That just puts the cherry on the icing.

Good news Scary, huh? You know how Yin & Yang can be. I definitely do.

See you in the morning!


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