Monday, 24 October 2011

My Top 10

1. Brownish Blonde Bob—well, obviously I haven’t cut my hair yet! These are my fully grown bangs we are looking at. And thanks to the wonderful sunlight + Instagram effect, they made my hair color look blondish. What do you think? I love the whole new look, but I’m still having second thoughts. It is true what they say about having a deep connection with one’s own hair. I know people will say, “Cut it! It looks bagay!” But when I actually do it, I just know I’ll regret it. So until I’m 100% sure that I really want this, I will stick to my almost-Rapunzel-like hair.IMG_54912. Human Nature Cleanser and Makeup Remover—this is no way an advertisement/promotion, but I was sent this product along with a few more Human Nature stuff and I freaking love it. Hey, it’s made in the Philippines, it’s 100% organic, it’s affordable, and it works! Just perfect.IMG_53083. Bath & Body Works Secret Wonderland Lotion—Krysha gave this to me if you remember my haul, and ohhhh my goodness, the scent of this thing just blows me away.IMG_53294. View outside our window—I look outside our window every sunset. And a beautiful scene greets me every time.IMG_53315. Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual—I finally bought the book! I was gonna save it for Christmas, but I couldn’t resist. It’s really a great book. It’s the perfect book for everyone who wants to become a freelance makeup artist. IMG_54216. 15” Red Satchel—oh yeah this baby & I have been together since I got her. I’ve been taking her out in every event that I go to. I love how roomy it is; yet I know I have to be careful not to go overboard as the whole thing might break apart! Fortunately, this satchel is made of strong materials. Imagine, it can hold ALL my stuff. And if you know me personally, you would totally know how much stuff I carry.IMG_54247. Jemma Kidd Makeup Masterclass—#2 makeup book that is on my to-buy list. Books are great investments! Target purchase date would be Christmas 2011.IMG_54358. Mike Posner—he’s coming to Manila, bitches! I think his concert would be the first & the last I’d be attending to. Can’t get over how sexxxxy he is. His voice too! His songs are AWESOME! I can dance to his songs all day everyday. IMG_54379. Begging doggies—it’s the same scene every time I eat here @ home. Baby Jackson just lays his head on my lap and looks at me with this kawawa face. So damn cute.IMG_544510. My Rabito iPhone Case—I love everything about it. I love my phone more now than before when it didn’t have ears & tails.IMG_5243


  1. my dog georgia and my cat tulis also does that face! its cute and annoying sometimes haha! :))

  2. gotta have that bag and case!!

  3. cool post, pretty say! now i want to buy those books! :)