Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Day in The Life of Say: Photoshoot @ Rouge Studio, Bon Chon Chicken and a Whole Lot of Vlogging

October 22, 2011 (Saturday)

I got up earlier than usual for a photoshoot with my sisters and her friends. We ran a little late so I went out of the house with unkempt hair which I tied into a huge bun and only my foundation and brows on. No eye makeup, no blush, no lip color. They picked us up at a nearby mall and we headed to Ortigas.

So I was sitting and thinking…thinking…

Suddenly I remembered.




I forgot all my freaking makeup brushes.

Great! Just great.

So I sat there for about 15 minutes thinking, ‘okay what should I do now? I don’t have eye brushes with me.’ I only had my Marionnaud N32 Blush Brush (which, as you all know, is my multipurpose brush) and the brow brush that comes with the brow pencil. My sister Iza suddenly told me. “How about cotton buds? Dala mo?” Oh yes. PERFECT. I have a whole stash of Q-tips in my traincase! Again, it’s Mally Roncal’s beauty tips to the rescue!

So there I was, inside a moving car. I got hold of a Q-tip and my MAC Beauty Marked E/S and started working on my eyes. I wanted to have full makeup on by the time we arrive at the studio. It was pretty difficult at first. Especially building the color up! Blending was a bit easier, though. Imagine, I put on false lashes while the car was moooooving—I really gave myself a pat in the back for successfully finishing a simple smoky eye look.IMG_5628We parked at Robinson’s Galleria and walked to the studio. It was right across Galleria. We passed by Girl Shoppe at 50th Avenue and I spotted this beautiful feather necklace! I bought it for only 150.00. I love it. Love at first sight.

Rouge Studio is really cozy. It has limited space, but I really loved it in there. Our work station was lovely. A huge table and bright lights—I can already do with. DSC07312I worked on my sister Iza first, gave her a sexy, smoky eye look—much similar to mine. It definitely suited her outfit. She was first up. I did my sister, Lady’s makeup next. And then next was her friend’s brows. DSC07366After all the work, I vlogged for my Day in the Life video. Oh yeah. It went great! You can actually watch the video embedded at the end of this post. I am really warming up to all this vlogging stuff. I am very comfortable doing it now compared to my first Day in the Life (when I didn’t speak at all) Someone in my channel actually commented on why I filmed myself in the mirror when I could film myself directly daw. Heck, what is so wrong with filming myself in the mirror?! I liked the lighting, so what? Some people really make big issues out of small things. And that makes me laugh. I was like, “What?!” Hahaha!

Anyway. I didn’t get the chance to do my hair at all. So I went in to have my photos taken and oh good gosh my hair was a mess. Oh the downside of having past-waist length hair.DSC07355DSC07375DSC07376We wrapped up the shoot at around 4:30PM and headed back to the car to leave our heavy stuff before having dinner all together.DSC07384Mark Bradford, my sister’s classmate’s brother, and our photographer, is really cool! He treated us at Bon Chon Chicken. And damn, Bon Chon definitely killed all the other chickens. I fucken looooved it. Not to mention the kimchi coleslaw. Good stuff, baby.DSC07388DSC07390DSC07391DSC07395DSC07396DSC07398So after eating, we walked around 50th Avenue. I was able to get tips and pointers from Mark regarding lighting stuff and all that camera shizzle. It was so cool how he knew a hell lot of stuff about filming and stuff. I didn’t do it literally, but I took notes in my head. 56-57k (oh yeah I definitely remembered that—something about luminescence [okay, I don’t remember, but I’m pretty sure that’s it] LOL I’m not even gonna try to remember anymore. I can always ask Mark again.

So we headed home. I fell asleep—I felt sooooo tired. Traffic was terrible on the way home.

When I got home, I worked out. I guess my little nap energized the bunny inside of me. I did BodyRock.tv’s Set Fire Workout. It was a killer, but definitely do-able. My thighs screamed in pain since they still haven’t recovered from my torture workout the other day and there I was pushing myself over and over.

So I’m a little masochistic.

No harm!

If you wanna watch how my day went…click on the video below!

P.S. Mark Bradford’s coolness didn’t end that day. He posted the photos about a day after and I was blown away. I think I found the perfect photographer for my blog photos! (Especially now that my bestfriend/photographer Krizel is in California) Looking forward to working with him in the next months! Thanks Mark!

Wanna see the photos? Here are some!293985_2144324729179_1278086603_31980784_249202210_n312291_2144321609101_1278086603_31980777_1451702308_n312586_2144325649202_1278086603_31980786_1280930514_n312730_2144326649227_1278086603_31980788_882904870_n316022_2144324289168_1278086603_31980783_1874304441_n316337_2144323529149_1278086603_31980781_1947926045_n319146_2144323809156_1278086603_31980782_1557873862_n321687_2144993625901_1278086603_31981030_1529199936_n

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